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  1. Afternoon chaps! has anyone got any good contacts for trade plate drivers? Particulary in the South West as I seem to be buying a fair few out of Bridgwater at the mo and I'm bored of saying "don't send anything bigger than a 4 car deck as it'll get stuck" then getting a call from a driver in an artic 3 miles away thanks in advance! Jordan
  2. Yeah mate, Platinum all the way! It's the mere minions without access to the free tea that struggle with returns also..... I had no idea I could get free breakfasts! Stingy buggers took away the biscuits in the Business lounge so I'd say I'm owed atleast 1 breakfast a week!
  3. To be fair, If I've ever had a problem with any LOL cars from BCA. I've kicked them straight back on to the transporter or gone to the desk with a big 'nah!' If I've gone to collect it personally. But out of 276 cars I've bought in the last year, I've only refused 4, which ain't a bad ratio really. What card levels are y'all on? As my Gold card friend seems to have a tougher time with BCA issues.
  4. Good Call, totally forgot my friends dad owns a Vauxhall Group!
  5. Don't know if it's just a coincidence but pretty much everything I'm offered or see at auction at the moments really Leggy! 13 plate cars 100k + madness
  6. Right chaps, had a bit of an odd px come in! A 3dr 1998 boggo Corsa in DKRed. So what? I hear you say heres what...... 1 owner, 26,004 miles from new, full Vauxhall history, every MOT. It's like it's just rolled out of the showroom this thing, it's never seen rain, always garaged. I was expecting a shed, I did the deal over the phone with the owners son who described it as an old shitter and could I take it off their hands for £100. Induly obliged and until it arrived on the truck I fully expected it to be going straight to the scrappy! So, what the hell do I do with it? Does it have a collectable aspect now or should I mothball it in the hope Corsa B's come good on the retro/nostalgia market like Novas and the like? in the meantime I quite enjoy staring at its mintness!
  7. Well people, i've had a bit of a result, had to stop selling from my current yard due to the landlord throwing a wobbler due to a few of my regular buyers being well known local Gypsies. So i've been scouring far and wide for a pitch/yard/sublet anything and drawn nothing but false hope and blanks when today whilst walking along a local road i saw a small 'Yard To Rent' Sign. Thought, sod it, worth a try! Rang the number and its a Local guy that does Alternator Repairs, only uses the workshop and has a 15 car yard and small office he doesn't use. So now, I have a main road, 15 car pitch and sales office!! I was straight up with him, said this is what i do, this is why i have to leave my current yard, i have some Gypsy Clientele (his answer, "not a problem Boy so do i!") and its For less than half i was paying for my old yard, MAD HAPPY as this means i can really crack on getting set up for Retail more rather than trade to trade
  8. You can buy from me if you like? I sell mostly Trade to Trade these days as A: Less hassle! B: I have a lovely account with a well known auction house meaning my fees are less! So the guys either buy from my stock or I can buy to order, the stock can be driven and inspected, can even use my workshop ramps, stuff thats bought to order, thats all yours mate
  9. Certainly couldn't hurt to go to them with the idea, there used to be a couple of dealers near me that had good relationships with some local dealer groups and sold their pxs, but as most of the local groups have been swallowed up by Plcs here that put the bosh on it. Plcs us now have their own trade centres!
  10. hmmm Gang of angry travellers at my door V's Moral High ground..... mate, you played it exactly right, reverse the deal, shake of hands. Thanks very much goodbye!
  11. Sold it last week, Bit of a pain in the arse to be honest trying to do it myself, a roundtrip from BB to my yard, and back again is 1hr 20 mins as the mileage is short but the routes a bugger! I usually have one or both of my kids with me too so its just added ball ache to spend a day in the van for them. I have the option of borrowing a trailer as the chap in the yard next to mine is a trailer hire business dude but when i've got x amount of cars in one place i'd just rather they got to me asap with minimal hassle, I just dont want to pay the earth for it (cake and eat it? :-)) then my local man can do the local private buy pick ups and that
  12. Right Chaps, I have to transport about 8-10 cars a week from Blackbushe to my yard which is only about 15 miles away in Sonning on the east of Reading, I'm not a fan of BCA's 'special rates' for card holders so i use a combo of me driving them along with a local chap with a single transporter, 4-5 runs on a saturday can take up a hella lot of time, and also if he gets a last minute job in it rather buggers the process! So my question after all that rambling..is any hook ups for a big transporter that can move the lot in one go and not charge me £theearth + VAT for it?
  13. if you've got an M3 I think that's the way!
  14. Six thousand and fifty of your great British pounds! Yep £6050 + fees