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  1. Thanks everyone. Unfortunately the only funding open to me now is on unsustainable terms. So I'll take my remaining stock home and trade as Kerbside Independent Traders until a job comes up. Not how I want to trade but what can you do?
  2. Hi fellas It breaks my heart but I've got to close the doors. The writing's been on the wall since I fell out with my stock funding partners. I guess I'm job-hunting now. So, thanks for all the advice, the banter and the insights.
  3. With Distance Selling laws the way they are at the moment you'll find it hard to find early adopters. That said, it's a numbers game and the supermarkets might be up for it, based on the law of averages.
  4. I'd view it as indicative of the way the previous owner cared for their car (much in the same way as I view an older car with branded tyres) and use that to flatter the customer. I'd also be delighted that it protected the car from stone chips, tree sap and seagull poo
  5. In the short term the uncertainty that has killed sales in the run-up will continue now that Cameron has resigned and beyond that until we know if our new PM will serve until 2020 or seek his/her own mandate. It's a disaster! In terms of Brexit itself, Toyota, Honda and Nissan will close their UK plants and move them to Europe. We're about to enter a self-inflicted recession. The Luxury market will do okay as the cost to change comes down but the bread and butter market is pretty much screwed. I think I'm out & back to taking someone else's shilling.
  6. IN For so many reasons, not least the amount of legislation and regulation that would have to be undone and redone. That'd take 20 odd years of Parliament's time. Time which could be used better. Plus the leading OUT campaigners are generally the people I despise the most in Politics.
  7. We've got a runner!! Release the hounds!!!! Good luck James. Could you redirect all your web traffic my way please
  8. I managed to negotiate £75 ex VAT because my cars are very low priced/smaller margins. So cheeky, buying the carcraft domain. Fair play
  9. I had carfinance247 call me the other day wanting to market my cars on their website. Only pay when making a sale. Worth looking at.
  10. Why is the guy I'm bidding against always stood behind me
  11. One sold & gone. Let's do this every day!!!
  12. I've just had an hour-long chat with my rep about this (amongst other things) and she trotted out all the old lines "it's the start of a conversation" etc. It's falling on deaf ears because they're only interested in key accounts . My 10 cars won't make the slightest difference to them. But if the big dealer groups made some noise they'd listen. And do deals that simply aren't available to us. It's bad enough that we have to pay extra just to appear in a useful position (try being on a basic package and searching for your cars from a mobile!!). I'm ranting incoherently so I'll shut up now.
  13. Finally sorted!! And it turned into the shortest handover in motor trade history!!
  14. It's not "my" finance company; it's one that advertises on Autotrader. As for the customers, sometimes it's them delaying things so if I tell them how difficult these companies can be and why, they might just get their skates on with the paperwork. I'll text you
  15. Without naming names, I've been dealing with one of these companies for over a week now and all I've had is broken promises and outright lies. I've been told they have everything they need from the customer only for them to decide they need something else just as they're preparing to pay out. Frankly I'm sick of it. I've had to turn away 3 customers on the same car because I was stupid enough to take a deposit from the end user. They're grossly unprofessional to deal with. But lesson learned. Cars will now stay on sale until all monies received.