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  1. Dealer Auction and Sytner Auction are the two I mainly use.
  2. DA is a good source when you get to know the dealers..... You'll get to know the good ones and the bad after a while!
  3. Nice to see you have not rolled over and had your belly tickled....
  4. I would suggest you find a car in the block or on Dealer Auction etc that you're interested in and find it's true value on Auto trader etc work backwards . Then deduct potential costs like body work issues and potential mechanical issues to achieve the margin you want after costs. I tend to stick with Cars that have been AA appraised at BCA. At least you have some come back then if it drops a bollock on the way home. Or I go and personally inspect cars I buy from Dealer Auction. I’ve refused many! You get to know the good dealers from the Bad on there. He was asking for advice.........
  5. If you're doing lots of short runs, a Diesel is not going to be any good for you as you'll soon clog up the DPF.
  6. Well I was way off lol Thanks! I have learnt something new today
  7. If I remember correctly. You need to prove to the DVLA you're in the trade and that you have bought it from a trade source with no log book. I think there is a small fee. It's something I've never done, but I had a chat to someone about it in the past as you do get them in the block every now and then. Best thing to do is call the DVLA. I'd be very surprised if you need to become the keeper to resolve the issue and add another owner on the documents.
  8. I know a guy who only buys online. He rejects lots of Cars that are not as described. But him and his dad must buy about 15 a week from them. I was also told by one of the guys at Walsall. As soon as you leave the site, there is NO comeback. If you find a major fault, report it immediately before you leave the site. Also worth downloading the condition report in case it is not as described.
  9. Some good stuff on Dealer Auction and Sytner Auction at the moment.
  10. Max, I know of 3 dealers who all trade from home. They all do well. I'd go for it!
  11. Leave VAT registration as long as possible. But other than that, I think all bases are covered
  12. Well with all these cheap lease deals about at the moment, its bound to have a knock on effect. But who's going to buy them at the end of the term if the 2nd hand market is stuttering? Floored business model to try and sell more new cars......... Can see some big losses!
  13. Thanks Max, so it does seem to be the case then if it's crackered when you get it, that you can reject it if a major fault was not declared.