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  1. Has anyone been able to get through yet? Or find an alternative number or email? Still stuck in the same boat
  2. Interesting perspective - definitely seems like a good opportunity for the market to increase overall prices and decrease supply going forward
  3. Manheim is no different really - seems to be the typical behaviour from all these auction houses
  4. We've been having the same issue - managed to get through on one phone call and mysteriously it hung up as he was greeting us. Absolute pain to speak to DVLA at times
  5. Hi all, Just wondering how everyone goes about getting their trade insurance? We currently use an insurance broker but some of the quotes we've been given this year have been ridiculous. Just wondering what methods/brokers other dealers use to get the best possible prices? Thanks,
  6. Hi all, Also looking for something similar so just wanted to see if anyone's had any luck with an alternative?
  7. Hi all, Recently joined the forum after just reading through the vast number of threads posted for the previous year or so. Been in the trade professionally for 5+ years and in the car trade for 20+ years. Look forward to getting to know you all and taking in the very helpful information provided by the members as well as hopefully helping someone else out in the process! Thanks,