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  1. Not sure if you have already talked about this but what are you all doing in regards to making claim whilst this period of hardship is continuing? my accountant doesn’t seem to know, I’ve heard about universal credit but as an independent sole trader working alone, is this the route to go down? any help is much appreciated. Thank you Gary.
  2. Thanks, the guy who has had it trying to sort it for me is a Vauxhall technician and has resolved many cars for me before. He has access to any Vauxhall diagnostics and the usual log on and link directly with Vauxhall themselves. I will mention all of the different things you are suggesting as he is as keen to sort it for me as I am to get it done. thanks again
  3. Hi again everyone, thanks for your suggestions. The car has been connected to live data when the guy at Vauxhall’s had it. Likewise when auto electrician had it too. The crank sensor was replaced with a genuine one and not a cheap one. fuel pressure was checked but showed no obvious signs of faults. Immobiliser, I would have thought would show a warning light whilst cranking? I was hoping that someone may have actually had this problem before and might have that snippet of info that could relieve us of this awful headache. Thanks guys. Gsry
  4. I have a 2013 Vauxhall mokka 1.4 petrol 34k and am pulling hair out trying to resolve a problem & wonder if anyone can please help? When starting, it randomly spins over continuously the first time and won't start but if you turn key off and turn again it starts instantly and runs fine. It's had new ECU, had programming updates, new crank sensor, genuine coil pack but we can't seem to get to the bottom of it. It's had a vauxhall tech working on it for several weeks plus a local highly rated auto electrician who has resolved endless problems for us. Has anyone had this or got any good solutions please? Many thanks Gary
  5. MTD (Making Tax Digital) Apparently, i have been informed by my accountant that HMRC Is changing things relating to VAT Reg'd business' very soon. They are wanting Us/Accountants to have the appropriate software that links to their system. This could be expensive and small accountants may not have the number of clients that would make it viable for them to purchase this new set up. Can anyone please throw any more light on this subject or give us any more inf please? Thanks Gary.
  6. My last post was regarding credit card charges and being unable to pass on charges. Now i understand, probably due to some retailers refusing to take credit cards, they have dropped the charge to 1% and have stuck a charge of .375% on debit cards(well thats with barclaycard terminal anyway) So for example they are taking £15 for a £4k sale. I shall now only take £100 deposits and push for bank transfers, building society cheques etc What are your thoughts on this? Thanks Gary
  7. Autotrader ..... What's that ? Forgotten about them, not used them for around 7 years now! They still had the front to ring me a couple of months ago trying to bully me back! I once again told them I wouldn't use them all the time I had a hole in a certain part of my body!!
  8. This reminds me of someone I knew that replied to; "That's a lot of owners" He said; "Was your wife a virgin when you met her?" How he never got a punch in the mouth I will never know!!!
  9. Hiya all! Hope i'm not doubling up on this topic if already been discussed? I understand that we are not allowed to pass on the 2.5% charge incurred any more very shortly! Any ideas what we can do so that we don't throw even more money away than what we already have to in this trade?? Do we just say we don't accept credit cards any more but only debit cards? Gary.
  10. It's not about faith in the reliability of your cars as any car can go wrong at any time so that is a daft statement! Its about the attitude of the customer. Some are just unreasonable and can't be met on level playing fields! Its a good idea to hold back V5 for a couple of weeks, that way if they demand money back, you can then give them the tax mon ey back aswell, tippex their name and put your company name on reg doc to claim it back yourself. We find it would be better to have your company name on the than another random owner that shows its only been owned for a few weeks. just an alternative idea for you to consider.
  11. Good luck, I'm sure we can agree that we know exactly where you are coming from! Auctions are getting harder and by the time we pay all the extra add ons, the margins are getting squeezed considerably! People buying their "brand new" second hand car from us is becoming more evident! i shall keep plodding along for now though .... Gary.
  12. They stopped this years ago.... Old news!
  13. We gave it up around 5 years ago, the monthly bill just went up & up & up! I don't run a business purely for the benefit of AT and not myself! I am surprised still at the amount of people advertising with them and complaining! There IS life after AT and unless you take that step and change how you do things, you will just continue to get shafted and be a busy fool, working to pay their extortionate bills!! Unfortunately I do lack sympathy now as there has been so much on here to encourage dealers to leave, move on and try other avenues. When will everyone wake and smell the coffee!!! Gary.
  14. We a with car dealer 5 also, nice and straightforward, links to other sites, helpful back up.