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  1. Are you sure you have the right number? (sorry had to be asked)
  2. Think I need to slow down a bit
  3. If he is not the registered keeper, then how have they found his details?
  4. No, it’s all a myth this dealership malarkey and all we ever do is polish cars and swap them around between ourselves
  5. I also watched one of the auctions today and it seemed anything half decent was making about £1000 over cap clean I see some dealers are now starting to source stock from Cazoo
  6. Well just had Aston Barclay on the phone and they are going back to physical auctions from the 12th April. They seem to be making a lot of changes recently to entice traders, I wonder if this is them leading the way with the return as well.
  7. I agree with this, even after Law Jaw’s update. Distance selling protection laws were brought into protect people who were buying goods online and subsequently found descriptions were not so accurate or some other technicality was not clear, all the sorts of things that a consumer could check/receive advice on when buying physically. If the customer has now had chance to test drive the car, and hence inspect it how can this be classed as a distance sale under the intentions of the original law?
  8. I went with Haswent just before Christmas and very happy with the service and paying £42 a month which I think is not too bad.
  9. An interesting article published on the BBC website today Makes me wonder if somebody is able to afford to do this are they going to try and control the market once they start releasing stock? Anybody know if these cars are anything to do with City Auction Group, based at Rockingham ?
  10. Nice stock and sounds like you are doing well. I’m not really in a position to critique as a relative newbie, but the only thing I notice is no landline number which may put some people off. Maybe worth investing in a virtual landline number which diverts to your mobile like some (including myself) have done.
  11. I wonder if 1x £10k fine is just built into their budgeting, i.e. they are accepting the risk if that’s the worst that can happen.
  12. I’m not sure those who attack the emergency services personnel are only the ones a few slice short. I think unfortunately it is yet another consequence of the lack of respect for others (and their property) that some people have today.
  13. But how much worse would those streets be if there was no capital punishment? As for those who attack the emergency services they are the scum of society and should be subjected to a similar level of mindless violence to themselves. Some twenty or thirty year old ambulance driver who is going to work to save lives should not even have to think about whether they may get stabbed on their shift.
  14. Are you sure they weren’t contacting you for another cheque as the previous one had now expired?
  15. Guys, I think you need to think about this slightly differently. Distance selling rules were originally brought in to give consumers confidence that if they ordered a product online that they had never seen and it turned up and was not quite what they expected they could return it within 14days no questions asked. So in your case Holmfirth if the customer has previously seen the car physically, been given ample time to inspect and raise any questions etc, and then goes ahead and completes the sale remotely this would not be a distance sale in context of the legislation. Tiers have really got nothing to do with your scenario, just that they would no longer be able to come back for a second viewing or further inspection. Hope that helps.
  16. Good to hear there are more coming Thanks again for producing these they are a great listen.
  17. Seasons Greetings to all ! Let’s hope for a better 2021........
  18. Interesting video based on this exact subject. Although like a lot of these surveys I wonder if it is weighted against volumes sold.
  19. Exactly this ! My wife has a 19 plate Cx5 after three previous Mazda’s and not a spot of bother. But as the daily hack we have a 2006 diesel X-Trail, don’t care about it getting car park dings, the kids can put their feet all over the leather and it never lets you down. As a bonus you can fit a 65” TV in the back if you get a little exuberant at Curry’s, and you can tow easily enough with it
  20. Thanks, but seems not quite. I just spoke to a gentleman there who advised me that it costs between £10 to £95 in fees (based on value) to buy a car and £50 to sell. Then scuppered my plans by advising that you have to be FCA approved to be able to sell on there. God knows who that tenuous connection is made.
  21. Gents, I have just obtained access to DA and it’s not clear to me whether there are any additional fee’s on top of the purchase prices for cars won or cars sold. Can you please advise. Or is this supposed to be covered by the monthly/annual fee that you pay.
  22. Absolutely, glad I’m not the only one who can’t understand this as well.