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  1. Hi all, 


    Just after some advice, pointers.

    I use my samsung to take pics of our vehicles, however, a, it's a ballache uploading via my phone, b) i have to adjust, crop, resize them every time and man is it annoying.  Just wondered am I not doing something right, not go the right setting on my phone?

    At the very least I'd like not to have to resize them every time I take pics.



  2. Hi all, 

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    Had a question regarding part x's that we sell on. Are they also subject to warranty, (even if the min 3 month term)? We provide warranty with all our vehicles, it's just that I often seen vehicles being sold stating they are a part x. Was just wondering if there was any specific reason anyone would call out it was a partx?


  3. 1 hour ago, Webuycars said:

    Do you know that if you buy a car that is knocked down to you 'provisional' that you are at liberty to remove your bid at any time ? 

    Might be teaching some of you to suck eggs but that info could be useful to newbys in the game .  

    I certainly didn't! So if you win at provisional, you can refuse it? How do you go about doing that?

    22 hours ago, Lakeside said:

    Correct, they don’t adjust them for total loss cars either. 

    I a tually dropped them some feedback on their app regarding some clarity on CAP pricing response below:

    " The Cap Prices are based on what vehicles with similar spec, Mileage and condition have sold for in the auctions over the past 30 days.

    I have passed your feedback on to our development team and this will help us to improve our service in the future."


    So it seem the CAP pricing response any actually book CAP, it's their adopted own pricing! Glad I've learned that though. What annoys me is when a battered or total loss vehicle comes up that isn't making money the auctioneer always says "come on guys, books at XXX" now that is misleading! Especially for newbies.




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  4. As far as I understand, the cap clean figure is if the car is in good condition, has 2 keys, paper work etc I'm guessing they don't adjust the CAP figure based on the grade of the car? As some of the cap figures agaisnt some of the vehicles is just stupid!

  5. Hey all, hope everyone is well.

    Just general question thought I'd ask, anyone what the different colour stickers stand for on some cars from BCA? I was just curious and couldn't find anything on their site? Thought maybe some kind of grading? Or if there are any colours which mean don't buy lol



  6. Hi all, 

    Just wondered what card readers people use away from the big banks? I did have a Sum up one until I used and then was informed they aren't authorised to take payments for vehicles!

    Thankfully the processed the transaction on this occasion, otherwise they were saying they would be refunding it to buyer!!

    Would like to avoid the big banks as none of them were particularly helpful when I was setting up and needed a business account.


  7. On 2/5/2021 at 4:39 PM, Rory RSC said:

    Shortage of cars, commercials, everything.  

    You say that,but looking at the classifieds, I'd say there isn't a shortage for the public buyers. Although if traders are buying them, then I guess people are paying the retail!

    9 hours ago, David Horgan said:

    Caddys are the latest street cred thing to have though , so that doesn't help them , Know a guy who will pay eye shattering money for any caddy going , Then pays £1,000 to have it wrapped in violent colours :o, lowering kit on to slam it to the ground and adds 2k on top , takes him less than two days to sell them , 80/90/120 k motors he cant buy em fast enough . 

    He must have been the guy who paid £4k for a couple of 12plate 150k plus caddy maxis !

    Then again, I dnt know the industry, market as well as most/all here so guess I'm just showing my inexperience lol

  8. Just wondering, are you finding the (auction) price's of vehicles during this "lockdown" is worse than before?

    I'm seeing things go at pretty much retail! Just leaves me scratching my head, like surely you can't make money on that! Had my eye on a couple of Caddy Maxi's yesterday, highish milers and the hammer priced, I thought was just crazy. I mean it's not like there's a shortage of commercial vehicles out there. I get that builders and likes are prob busier, but I'd be putting that money towards a luxury holiday once this pandemic is over rather than an over priced van lol

    Just making sure im not missing a trick, or missing out :lol:

  9. 1 hour ago, BHM said:

    F*** off! I don’t believe you!! :lol:

    Hahaha he's over again next week, I shall post proof:D

    2 hours ago, Frank Cannon said:

    But then they can't be worse than those dreadful Caddy vans, even they fail to live up to VeeDubya's low standards. 

    Great old buses those early Berlingos, we did a few of those when on the south coast, 1.9s and 2.0 HDi. 

    You say that Frank, but that's all people want at the mo! Especially the Maxi! My cousin can't get hold of enough of the DSG's . I'm keeping it simple and stick with the manuals at the mo but even those don't hang a round very long.

    Although had one last week where the head had crack. Most annoying thing ever, all you have to to is keep an eye on your oil/water, they even tell you when to change/top up!!!!

  10. Nobody has mentioned Citreon's yet :D Had a mobile mech come over to do some work on my dads car and he was in a Berlingo, which I thought was strange. So asked him "why?" - Response, "best van I've had in all the years I've been mobile! 300k on the clock and all i do is service it on time with quality parts" :huh:

    He said he'd had them all, Combo, Connect, Caddy, Courier etc


  11. On 12/23/2020 at 4:58 PM, Nevillec said:

    If you are buying vans I would avoid  the earlier  Renault Trafic, Vivaro, same van..... had lots hassle with these, to the point of I don't stock them any more

    I've avoided them thus far, the Renault I would never touch, though I keep finding myself tempted by the Vivaro!! You see plenty of them on the road. How are the later ones? Anything specific to be aware of?

  12. On 12/22/2020 at 10:03 AM, Martin F said:

    Interesting video based on this exact subject.

    Although like a lot of these surveys I wonder if it is weighted against volumes sold.




    Only thing I'd disagree with is the Astra 1.9 diesel, especially in the Van range, solid engines, never had an issue with them and we shift them with no problem.

  13. 1 hour ago, metcars said:

    So, depends what you need it for. Proper 4x4 are great for towing, driving in bad conditions, ‘extreme dog walking’, going fishing, fetching white goods home from makro etc. But, it’s the height that wins, because women love putting kids in baby seats in the back without having to stoop! Try doing that a couple a day and you’ll understand? 

    I do coach cricket, so the space would help, but you nailed it with the height! That's exactly her point lol

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  14. Hi all, 

    The Mrs is on at me, we got another littleun on the way and she's got it in her head she wants a 4x4:wacko: Give me a nice saloon any day of the week.

    However, these are well out of my knowledge or expertise. Obviously it's RR Sport around 2008/9, the 2010 Facelift is a bit of a stretch. I am extremely reluctant on one of these, I'm of the opinion an X5 would be more reliable, better built? Form what I have been reading, the 3.0 V8 would the most "reliable" better version? I am not worried about maintenance, I'm pretty handy at maintenance. What worry's me the most is reliability. I get one and it goes wrong, will be my fault, not the cars lol

    Did consider the ML but they are bit, well, bland, ugly and the Q7 is just mahoosive. That said, if they are better mechanical, reliable options then I will defo consider them.

     Just after some advice form those with much more know how than me please :-)

    Many thanks

  15. As someone who has recently started and could only buy online, I have to say it was daunting at first, well, still is. Especially watching bids on vehicles without images! I can't understand, how, why you would bid on something with no images. I'd like to think if it does become a permanent way, then at the very least they could provide a video with the engine running, rev'd. Then again, that would cost time and money, and looking at the prices as they are, the clearly don't need to do anything extra, especially if it could lead to lower prices.

    It defo helps being able to view, bid on more lanes, however the risk does increase not being able to see, more importantly, hear the car.

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  16. Thank you for all the advice and pointers, I think its fair to say we need to get some better pictures and tidy it up a little bit more.

    Also, we have to think a bit better, in terms of thinking as a trader!

    I myself am not a fan of Silver cars, but thought it would be a safe bet with a Merc, and we actually thought the E Coupe was a desirable car. We were actually discussing could see someone buying it and putting tints on it lol

    Think it safe to say we still have a bit to learn, gain experience but with a forum such as this, were people are willing to help out others, I'm sure we'll get there!

    Thanks everyone for their input :-)


  17. 48 minutes ago, MarkTVS said:

    It’s rather mileagey and it’s a prefacelift which IMO are slightly dated.

    Centre caps look badly corroded and number plates look tired. £10 on eBay for a new set of centre caps, £15 for a new set of reg plates and then rephotograph on a sunny day though understandably that is hard to come by.

    That said don’t take my advice, I’ve been stuck with a silver e class coupe for about 2 months aswell!

    Hi Mark, thanks for the pointers. Now you mention it, yes the centre caps do look quite, particularly as the wheels have been refurbed. Thanks for pointing out the reg plates. I thought a silver one with black leather would be "inoffensive" and an "easier" one to shift lol Thanks for the link to yours, gives me an idea of how we should be photographing, thanks.

    29 minutes ago, SouthernTrader said:

    Agree with the above, few things to add. Only 20 photos? Is this the limit when you don’t have an AT package, if not add more. Double the amount to at least 40 photos especially as people can’t physically view right now. 

    This may be more relevant with people buying a high mileage older Merc than a small Honda Jazz but your company has no online presence. You don’t have any Autotrader reviews as you aren’t on a package but also no Google business page with reviews or a website that I can see? I found a LSP Motors on Facebook but there’s no reviews, photos or any posts. The sort of punter buying that is likely to check you out online first and if they can’t find anything they are going to go on to the next advert who has 5 star reviews etc.

    The car itself has a nice service history and the advert description is good so I can’t really fault that too much. 

    Hopefully that doesn’t come across as negative but just constructive advice. For years I didn’t have any online presence and for the cheaper stuff I don’t think it matters but at that price bracket and that car it will. Best of luck

    Hi SouthernTrader, 

    Not negative at all! Thank you for the insight. A very good point you make about the difference between what we usually deal in and this one.TBH, we didn't even think about online presence as we only started a couple of months ago and thought without "decent" levels of stock it would either be pointless or may not look so good with only a couple of cars. Funnily, that isn't us on FB. Will certainly look into the Google business page. We don't have a package as yet but will look into that too.

    Thank you for taking the time to have a look and reply.

  18. Hi All, 

    Hope everyone is well!

    Just after some advice please. We have E350 Coupe sport that doesn't want to seem to shift! Have to say, it isn't one of our usual cars, we normally pick up, small economical's, Yaris, Fiat 500's, Honda Jazz, the odd mini. Ended up buying this as it seemed reasonable. We have had it for about 2 months, IMO it seems to be be reasonably priced, it is in excellent condition, well looked after FSH etc. We just aren't getting any interest. I wonder if there is anything on the advert that may be going against us or could it simply be engine size, road tax costs etc.

    Any advice would be greatly received.


  19. Yeah have a feeling I'm going to be stuck with the odour for a while! Really not hard to disclose smells, especially the stench of old fags!

    Guess i'll just sell it to my dad then, he won't smell it he smokes so much, he wants rid of his E39 anyhow lol 

    "family rate" part x coming up :-)

  20. Hi all, 

    Just wondered if anyone had any tips on getting rid of, or easing the smell of stale fags! Picked up a car the other day and the stench is horrid!

    Have given the carpets a scrub with cleaner and cleaned the leather but it just won't shift.