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  1. Good to know - if we see someone entering a car without a mask it's probably some scallyway thief then - you should alert the police right away to this ground breaking discovery
  2. ^^ THIS ^^ Just because of this new vaccine news yesterday the phone has started ringing from non repeat/regular buyers we don't know - bloody idiots acting out like it's changed something. They haven't even achieved mass testing yet, best case scenario for any semblance of 'normality' and unfettered overseas travel etc must be at least 6 months, at best. Then we'll get hit with a wealth tax since they've pissed away so much on dumb schemes and keeping non viable businesses alive on our dollar.
  3. Just read this in it's entirety and agree you potentially have an uphill battle with a car sold ~ 4 years ago; BCA Mercedes Assured sale with warrantied mileage or not. trade vet makes a good point and FWIW I'll just add something I used some years ago related to the 2nd key on a BMW. Bit of a long shot, but assuming you have original keys, has has the car had a primary key and the spare kept separately? My wife never uses the second key/s and they're always left in the utility room key cupboard key safe, just in case she blocks another motor or we need to get cars moved around. That key may hold beneficial data, dependent on the car year; insurance companies have caught out a fair few moody stolen/recovereds based on key data - maybe worth a punt?
  4. No fee with a new keeper V62 - as long as a green slip is with it.
  5. Speedyreg are cheaper on fleabay than their own site @ £30 + £80 fee = £110 I quoted - the ones ending with an 0 look a bit better, or sometimes a 5.
  6. Yes it possibly does/can - in the same was that cash now gets a mark against it, transferred sums over a (I think) it's now as little as £20,000 can get flagged, I think. The more difficult part, if you have multiple personal a/c's, then moving even as little as £23,000 gets a load of questions, certainly from LLoyds, as I've just been interrogated, even though I was only sending to another personal of my own a/c's.
  7. If you're going ahead, then maybe consider something like this camera over the taylors dummy / silent salesman: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B088CZSKBL/ref=dp_prsubs_1 I have a camera set-up vaguely similar to that in our prep unit - so I can see what's going on and who's not there etc. TBH I never seriously thought about much communicating with it; except as an occasional piss take, but that noise/speaking facility is on the mobile app I have connected to my system, and for you, just one camera would suffice; all you need to say is hang on for 5 minutes and I'll be there with you - and then you can turn up and start working said victim..........
  8. I'd suggest to keep it as a facelift for any 'special' future car you get where the year is best hidden - no value for initials or a name. Regtransfers advertised prices are pretty meaningless for accurate guidance TBH, I bought direct some of the MLZ's when DVLA first released them and sold the last in August/September - all Chinese buyers - so those with good initial combos are worth a retail punt, or even ebay where they're mostly clueless. Number buyers aim to buy at between 33 - 45% of retail, not unfair given many can take several years to sell for proper money, so I'd suggest just keeping it. In either event, you can easily buy reasonable 3x4 Irish plates for £30, £110 incl the £80 fee for other cars 'facelift' need/s.
  9. THIS. If I had problem in the past shifting a car, I have increased the price a bit; that seemed to provoke online people who had looked and remembered and were on the edge with mine and others similar to make contact, complain about the price increase increase and offer the original price - win - win.
  10. Don't worry - that's simple - I can't speak for others, but mine are on my trade ins policy, maybe a thought?
  11. Absolutely; customer/s buying profiles will likely change going forward, but as you say up there, the positive is peoples need to buy cars is something which will never change, except, maybe, to some extent the regularity of replacement/s.
  12. Better/safer those than Maccy D's when 1/2 price in August, me and my boy took the longer route back from the unit for a quick 'bargain bite' and it was heaving with people; we took one look and left, never saw a better way of spreading illness. Never usually touch that cr@p anyway, so no loss. They must of had a hard time this year, I hope they all survived - at least our nearest one has which is handy sometimes.
  13. Then the d'ly driver would have slept in it overnight !!
  14. Not in my experience; in fact the reverse. I've often put an NI plate for my customers who don't want a year letter, then they often want it moved to the next car; it only costs £110 as long as you don't buy from DVLA.