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  1. Thanks Casper I've sent you a PM.
  2. I'm happy to personally take a look at your renewal when it comes up. Drop me a message with your company name and I'll make a note to catch-up with you in December.
  3. Thanks @Casper - always happy to help where I can.
  4. Glad to read your feedback, please always feel free to reach out if I can help with anything.
  5. Always good to get it of your chest! I've sent you a private message, please get in touch if we can help.
  6. Hi Martin, I manage the team who look after our existing clients and their renewals. I won't go into all the details of the new scheme here, but I can assure you the new offering will provide additional exclusive benefits that your current insurer doesn't currently provide, especially as an IMDA member. If you have any issues or queries or would like me to keep an eye on your renewal then please get in touch with me, either on here or using the below: 01732 386786 The whole team are working from home but are fully operational during this period.
  7. The motor trade team at Aston Lark will be happy to take a look at it for you. We have various exclusive Motor Trade Schemes aimed at all levels of Motor Traders (part-time, trading from home, trading full time from a commercial premise or traders working on classic vehicles). Send me a message and I can get someone to call you Tuesday or alternatively please give us a call on 01732 872899. The whole team are working from home but are fully operational. Very good advice! There's been a few horror stories in the last few years and highly likely to continue in the next few years.