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  1. Had one recently.... 2012 Plate Zafira.... cheap, reliable-ish. New test. Customer Calls: Hi calling about the zafira on your website, I'm looking for a very safe car. I've three kids you know?! Me: Yep all our cars are inspected prior to sale plus this has a new test. Customer: Great, what's the lowest you'll go on it. Me: Our stock is advertised to sell. Its advertised at our best price. Customer: The advert says it has 4 New chunky tyres, How much will you do it for without the tyres.... (She had a 2005 Zafira and wanted to somehow use her old tyres) She wasnt even joking..... the lockdown loony brigade.
  2. They could be great, I really dont know. And I guess I wont know either due to their current policies. I could just be becoming a money auld tight arssssse since this is the worst January in history
  3. I understand there will usually be a deposit required until you have built up a good relationship with the auction house. But 3 months is an awful long time to hold this deposit. And it doesnt come off any cars bought. You could float your company for a few months by holding onto everyone's £1000. I mean I have an account with BCA where I have access to buy hundreds of cars without any deposit.
  4. Anyone use this company? With the current Brexit situation the appeal to import cars from England has pretty much dried up. Yet Northern Ireland doesnt have the same taxes and charges. So I emailed CAG looking to open an account and once I submitted proof of Trade they sent me this, "Hi Darragh, Thank you for sending over all those details. We have reviewed all the details and on this occasion to open an account a £1000 sterling deposit would need to be taken and to be held for three months until regular buying pattern is confirmed. If this is something you would like to go ahead with please do let me know" Is it just me or is this a bit Cheeky, £1000 of my money (and plenty others) sits in their account for 3 months regardless what I buy. The first thing that came to mind was what happens if they go into liquidation in the next few weeks due to further restrictions.
  5. Had a bloke come out Christmas eve to view a 2011 plate Diesel Astra. We had just dropped the price by €1000 the night before to try bring in some cash before end of year. The guy says I want to buy it (after an hour pointing out little Mark's and little faults) I said would you not like to test drive it first? " Oh no point, I've got 14 days to test drive it and return it" Some people have no conscience
  6. I've had similar a few times usually theycome in and buy a cheap car for the Mrs...then after 9 months they usually try Trade it back in off an automatic cause she "cant get used to the clutch" Every single time I ask, how much are you expecting Trade In weight and every single time they say "Well you know what I paid for it" Urghhhh
  7. Ears perked up..... If they are on southern plates, let me know what you've got could be worth a ryan air flight over
  8. Thanks all, enjoyed reading all the feedback. I will just issue a refund tomorrow morning and leave it at that. I completely agree that they are not the customers we want to be selling to. Usually I would have taken the time on the day and properly explained that there was no fault with the pedal etc. Unfortunately on that particular day I was alone in the yard and had a customer with a prior appointment waiting on me to view something else & A third customer due about 30 minutes later. I see where I made my mistake on this occasion and will hopefully not let it happen again.
  9. Thanks guys appreciate the response, I guess from my point of view I did have the issue resolved. As I brought it to both mechanics and had the pedal greased up to eliminate any possible sticking/stiffness after sitting in the yard throughout lock down. To be honest I think the girl changed her mind or went looking at other cars throughout the week. As she wasnt interested in viewing any of our other 30 cars currently in stock. I'll refund and move on....not worth the stress. But I do still feel a bit hard done by tbh. We valet on Collection only Mark, may seem unusual but generally a quick tidy before advertising and a full detailed valet on Collection. Other wise the cars get wrecked by nonsense walk ins who want to kill an hour or two on a Tuesday afternoon
  10. A Bit of a frustrating day today. Last Friday a customer came (with her mum) to view a car we had advertised online. The advertised price of the car was €4000, they took the car for a spin and asked would we take €3700 and we settled on €3800. The customer left a €400 deposit and filled out the full sales invoice as though the car was being purchased with the balance of €3400 due on Collection the following friday. The customer brought to my attention following the test drive that she felt the accelerator pedal was a bit stiff, I personally couldn't feel anything but I agreed to have it looked at by our mechanic.(bearing in mind the customer is 18 years old and has not yet sat her practical driving test) I Had the mechanic look at it he said its perfect and then got another opinion off a second mechanic who also said it was fine but said to grease it up to make her happy. On departure the mother said "if you cant fix the pedal we get our deposit back right?" To which I said I'll get it 100% but if I cant fix it of course you can. I Had the car Professionally Valeted for Collection last night (€80) Girl and mother arrive today. Look around the car again quick test drive and say "shes just not happy with it, we want our deposit back" Had taken the add down off all online platforms for the whole week and had a sold sticker on the window in the yard incase any walk in Customers wanted it. Would you refund A) The full amount B ) Partial amount C) Withold Deposit Thanks in advance
  11. Sales seem to have gone to a complete halt here in Ireland. The phone has not rang once In over a week. I've tried price drops and extra advertising though I guess everyone is afraid of spending their pennies until they know they have stable income and jobs to go back to. I will most likely spend some time doing up my pitch and maybe taking care of some weeds and painting the place. I most likely wont buy any new stock for a month at least but wont panic sell either. Will be summer before this all passes and thats not exactly a busy time of year anyway. A Sincere good luck to all involved within the Industry
  12. Thank you very much, your help was greatly appreciated. It was clearly my error.... I should have checked it out more In detail.. though "the lad in the scrappies said it would fit" (sarcasm) The panel beater will be happy he gets 2 respray jobs now Instead of 1 Thanks again!
  13. Hi All, First time poster/long time reader. Small operator in Ireland, typically stocking 15-20 Cars at once. Recently aquired a damaged 2010 Skoda Fabia (first fabia I've ever bought), Picked up a bonnet in the local scrap yard and had it painted using the colour code.... Dropped up the car yesterday and Panel beater called me saying the bonnet wont fit and is a different size. The used bonnet came from a 2008 model. I called a local parts store who sell only new parts and they told me the bonnet did not change on the facelift version in 2010. Lights and bumpers/grill only changed. Any Skoda heads out there know any more than I do? Tried looking on Ebay and most bonnets are being sold as 2006-2014 model. (Which is confusing me even more) All help much appreciated. D