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  1. Hello there, thanks very much for your reply. Really informative. Now, how about you climb off your high horse and read above where it clearly states ‘New to the trade game’ We are new, as in, just started. So just because we don’t have a massive forecourt and are trading from home, does that make us ‘wannabe’?? In all honesty we don’t have the funds available as of yet to have the facilities the non ‘wannabe’ traders have (selling accounts, finance, forecourt, etc) We are currently in the process of having logos, business cards, social media and selling space accounts being created, (as a business) Just because it’s advertised on a personal page, doesn’t mean that it’s misrepresentation. We tell people we are trade. There’s no denying it. Just bare in mind that people have to start somewhere, maybe things aren’t quite in place, there’s nothing illegitimate about that. So unless you have any genuine advice, information or anything that will be of benefit to me and my business, don’t bother commenting on my thread. It’s negative, ignorant people like you that ruin brilliant forums like these. Look at all the comments above yours. They are a credit to this forum and to the trade.
  2. Forgot about that.. lol. Thought I deleted it. Cheers bud
  3. Update: Thanks for everybody’s advice. I’ve followed it and I’ve updated the ad slightly and taken new photos. Any further changes I need to make, I’m all ears. Thanks everyone for being so helpful. You’re a credit to the site.
  4. Thanks for your reply. What would you sell it for given the history and miles? Thanks again, Sam Thanks for your reply. Where should I take photos? We haven’t got a business premises yet. What could I realistically expect to fetch for this? Appreciate your help! I will get onto doing that now. Thanks for your input! Much appreciated. Hello, thanks for your reply. I very quickly realised that Gumtree is full of dodgy scammers, I wasn’t sure where else to list and Autotrader is quite expensive imo. I’ve just been using my iPhone for photos, I’ll have to dig out my proper camera.. People have offered me a couple of.. ehm.. let’s say.. steaming piles of ‘car’. I had someone offer me an ‘07 Passat S saloon 2.0 TDI 140bhp. The car was in absolute battered condition. I’m talking missing exterior door handles and the works lol. Also, it was written off twice. It had done 150k. The gentleman wanted £2k trade in value against my car. When I told him I couldn’t offer more than £250 I received a series of harsh expletives and basically telling me to park the CR-V in my back passage All in a days work, eh?
  5. Hello there. Newbie to the trade game. We have sold quite a few cars over this past 9 months. But we have had this 2012 Honda CR-V for over 3 months now. I am not sure where I'm going wrong I have it listed on Facebook, Gumtree and eBay currently. The ad has been simplified because I thought it was too long. I have also taken newer photos. Am I pricing it too high? Am I taking bad photos? Is my listing too vague? I have attached the Gumtree Ad below. Thanks for all your help!