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  1. Fuel cards befuel / rightfuels do the BP bunker sites DIESEL only as they hammer you for unleaded. They also do a BP list card diesel 92.16p+vat a litre currently we have 3 NV400's running daily so a little saving over pump price in our area 1.19p locally WARNING: don't take your eye of the invoices and pricing as you will fall into the TRAP and pay more than general public using them. none bunker sites charge what they want if you use it on there site. Credit cards don't work for us as we have 9 people filling up cars daily so massive job tracking it.
  2. My view is the car needs to be running before I except it on site. are policy is to buy assured not worth much but at least this is covered if a total none runner on arrival.
  3. we haven't been on furlough :-) home deliveries from day one of the covid crisis. we still won't put the prices up as we are hitting targets galore sadly re buying stock is hard graft.
  4. T cut isn't quite as good as the 80s sadly nope straight up we will re grade it, no discount no offer. #Enfield
  5. This won't be new but it's funny, slight chip to front side, due to massive workload I collected it a day late and got charged £5+vat and I was fuming. guys check this bloody car over as it best be perfect to assured report and BINGO absolute fail. not a penny for my drivers to waste there 5hr round trip for nothing. First failure since using BCA in the last 6 months, protocol for getting your money back is any clue's? will they process it without me chasing them?
  6. agree with that I'm a buyer for the company and prices are high, limited options on protocol for buying. We sold 174 cars last month and same the month before, then my argument is we are selling cars for £600 more than I can buy them at current prices. pray for PX's :-)
  7. Most of the stuff in the scrap yard is the above so I agree 100% with that. BMW's 2nd gear lately has been high on the list.
  8. Did you chip in for the bus fare home? ideal for a hidden camera show in the making.
  9. Interested in the fee structure seems nobody is allowed to pass on the actually fee's on which card you hold !
  10. HI all paid for all my current purchases hoping to organise the collections yet it seems not one has made the new online booking system as yet. I'm guessing it's a manual system and pretty much Mon-Fri only? shame as I do like calling them to get my storage fee's returned, when they are fully booked till my storage cost date. Got 22 cars to collect :-( new online system seems to be working over the dam phone call system, which was the most horrific experience ever. Have a great bank holiday Monday all OCO
  11. Another reason not to read a newspaper. people are idiots.
  12. I like the idea of VAT free on EV's mainly as I want a one but not at 27k @ 20k they offer better value. 6k scrappage can't see it working who has 30k for an EV with a 1-2k car? oh me but that's mainly as MY VW UP is my golf car :-) Ev's are way over priced UP ev 20k you must be stupid buying one. onwards futures bright :-)
  13. I've washed my hands with the whole system, getting BCA to reply to an simple email is hard work. I'm amazed how good there prices are but I guess they have so much stock and debt they need to shift it fast. Collections have been easier than getting a V5 :-) Case closed bored with BCA already
  14. Don't ask me why but we are selling, I'm not personally buying from BCA my boss is but i get to safely organise collections and then take the grief for missing V5's or to follow / to be confirmed. New to BCA just had the idea maybe docusafe would be available without trawling through emails and phone calls to no avail. as for sun tan also coming on very nicely along with bike and running legs strength. Might just stick to the easy life #CovidLife
  15. HI all bought a few BCA cars from various locations last few weeks, one of the few that are still selling cars and allowing collections. My question is description says V5 present but we have found many missing not ticked on envelope only to be TOLD docusafe have been shut and they hold them all for the whole group. BCA are pretty unhelpful once the car has left the building it seems. BCA users is there a way of accessing docusafe saved files? I did get sent one scanned V5 for a jag we bought but the rest I guess NO CHANCE? any light would be great , being an online seller we have had a few cars sell fast to NHS workers and armed forces. but no V5 is causing issues. Cheers all & stay safe