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  1. Thanks for all the advice guys, first time exporting so wanted to make sure I have everything right For info, Alfa Romeo have provided a CoC Free of charge and have posted out to me today Shipping has been sourced and the car is being transported not driven, collection on Thursday. I have provided the full V5 in the book pack, minus the export section which has gone to DVLA (under their instruction after a phone call) So looks all good so far, a lot easier than I expected
  2. HI Guys, Currently in the process of arranging a sale to a guy in Ireland Video chat done for them to see the car, deposit paid, transport company arranged and paid for Customer has stated he will be registering the car in Ireland and now needs a Certificate of Conformity which details both CO2 emissions and NOX Emissions, he has tried to get one himself from a UK main dealer but they will not do this for him as he his based in Ireland. Anyone aware of how I can get this for them and how much it should be costing? Customer has stated he is willing to pay the costs for it TIA
  3. JUst had an email back from autotrader, see below Make and Model: BMW 116I SPORT I am writing to confirm that we have been in touch with the insurance company in relation to the above vehicle. The insurance company have confirmed that the total loss category N was entered against the vehicle in error. The insurance data base has now been updated to reflect this and therefore the marker has been successfully removed from our systems. So now all seems to be good
  4. Still dont understand CAP HPI shows as clear, and I have a full report showing this MotorCheck shows as clear again with full report Autotrader via experian shows CAT N So how is there 2 differing reports from 3 companies, and who would you trust? CAP HPI, Motorcheck or Autotrader (Experian)
  5. have done this in the past and it lasted a few days before returning to a misted look. Now depending on the extent, I either get the Autoglym kit and do them or if really bad send them to my smart repair guy. I found the Autoglym kit to be really simple to use and usually lasts through the next few MOTS .
  6. I have recently purchased a car from a private seller, this car does not show as CAT N on either CAP or Motorcheck yet on loading upto Autotrader it shows that Experian has a CAT N marker How can I query this as have tried to contact Experian through Autotrader and have not had a response back and what is the likelihood of getting this marker removed or evidence of why this has been entered on the MIAFTR. Just to confirm all details match on all 3 checks except this one CAT N entry on experian, this includes plate changes, MOTs, VIN, VRMs, Engine Nos etc. Thanks
  7. Incorporated in September 2019, 2 directors from the start. The second director invested in the company and also several other companies to help with their tax as advised by the accountant and HMRC. He has no influence on the running of the company and as such is not part of the insurance. This information was provided at the initial stage of quotation to the broker, confirmed on acceptance and now it appears that it had never been passed through to the actual insurers. My main rant is that information provided which would affect the premiums/cover was not provided at any stage to the insurer even though the broker had been given this information at several stages, this then had an impact on the business, luckily I managed to sort it but should never have been put in that position.
  8. Apologies for this guys but need to get it off my chest I have recently taken out Trade cover through Tradewise via a broker OnesureInsurance, cost wise not too bad, but.. Today I have received a cancellation notice due to not providing details of all directors of the company. To explain a little the company is ltd company with 2 directors, myself and a silent investor. I had explained the company setup when looking for quotes and received varying different ones which I clarified by having only myself on the insurance as I am the only one actively involved in the business. Tradewise accepted this at the start but now want clarification of what each directors responsibilities are. No issue in providing this, however they are asking me to advise the broker and they will inform them, again no problem or so I thought. I have now been trying to contact the broker and have been listening to a ringing phone for approx. 1hr 14 mins and counting. How am I meant to provide anything to anyone when a. no one can confirm exactly what they require and in what form b. no one answers the phone c. no one has asked me prior to the cancellation notice for anything d. the insurers will not deal direct I know the industry is a bit of a 'mare, but this is now just taking the biscuit, I have jumped through every hoop set up and managed to get past all the different roadblocks but now Makes me want to just stick 2 fingers up at them all and go quietly into retirement.
  9. Thanks for all the advice guys, just a quick update... They have dealt on the car and I do have a small profit - £200, plus they have also recommended me to someone else who is coming down today to look at one of my sticky cars (6 weeks and no views) so hopefully I can get deal on that as well. As I cant physically visit you all who gave advice, have a virtual drink from me
  10. When I mentioned warranty I meant the standard 6months warranty I give with all cars 2.5k and over with an option to upgrade to 12mths
  11. Retail according to motorcheck is between 5k and 5.5k owes me just shy of 4k. Would normally look to retail at 5k so would be thinking 4.5k for them to take back with no warranty but at the same time they have had 3 cars from me recently and they have passed several referrals over as well so would like to keep them sweet
  12. Hi Guys Bit of a strange one which you could help me with. I took a focus in last week as part ex against fiat 500, focus had damage to N/S front wing. This has been to the body shop and fixed but now the owner wants to buy back. However I have only been offered the part ex price plus cost of repairs as they also want to keep the Fiat Would you do this or would you try for a small profit, considering I have had to take the car in for repair, valeted and generally got the car ready for retail Don't want to take Mickey but feel my time has got to be worth something, was considering adding £100 to £200 to get them to buy back. I have already had 3 enquiries on it retail so a bit unsure
  13. Not yet, but the missus has been threatening the clippers for a few days so will end up bald if she gets loose
  14. Seems to be all I am doing at the moment is looking at cars for other people Will have to look at sticking her in one of mine till end of lockdown if I cant find a decent ish one, How much that is going to bump up my insurance is anyones guess
  15. Looking for a old smoker for the stepsons girlfriend and have seen multiple adverts on Autotrader with £95+ admin fees When I was advertising with them I was not allowed to charge an admin fee Have they changed the rules?? And before anyone asks she only wants a car upto £1500 as this will be her first car and I don't have any that would suit her
  16. I have a simple one, not just for car sales but for life in general and it seems to have served me well over the years Treat everyone, how you would expect to be treated
  17. You can, but its not easy 1. Open you account settings 2. Open Ignored Users 3. Add persons you wish to ignore 4. Select the content types you wish to ignore 5. Click Add User Its done
  18. Car is registered to me as consumer, however I am a trader albeit new, yes v5c yellow slip was sent off but had no conformation from DVLA. Will be chasing them in the morning
  19. Done this, but have had a conversation with the police force in which they told me as I am still the registered keeper I am responsible for naming the driver
  20. Hi All Need a bit of advice regarding a notice of intended prosecution. I received this on 24/11 regarding a speeding camera fine on 28/10, however this vehicle was sold into trade on 23/9. I have explained the issue to the police force in question and I have been asked to produce a letter from DVLA stating I am no longer the registered keeper of the vehicle from 23/9, however I do not have this just the receipt from the trader in question. I am aware that the vehicle has been sold on but the V% has not been updated and it is still in my name. A quick check on the vehicle also shows there is no tax and has not been since I sold the vehicle. Anyone provide advice as I could do without getting 6 points and £1000 fine when I currently have a clean licence. Thanks
  21. Tried that but they only have 2 spaces left. You must have used them all
  22. This might help, its from an alfa forum I am a member of
  23. Hi All Bit of a weird post but I have need for secure storage of 30 cars, which are being shipped to me early.. Long story but am currently in the process of moving units and the new stock is coming out to me in the next 2 weeks, problem is the new unit is not going to be ready for another 6 weeks at the earliest. Does anyone know of any good car storage places within Oxfordshire, Bucks or Hampshire? Any leads would be welcome as I am going to need to source something ASAP