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  1. Are you saying that even if you sell a 'click and collect car' you don't allow the punters inside to do the paperwork?
  2. Boycie


    We are in Wales and we 'closed'. I think we did 6 this week, including 2 walk ins. Everyone we know was 'closed' as well, if 'closed' means being open but not making it really obvious. We have delivered a few more than normal, but apart from that, not much is different.
  3. That seems strange, as you can travel into and out of Wales for work.
  4. I've got a big dispute with Audi at the moment, they did an emissions recall on my SQ5, the management light came on on the way home. They charged £90 diagnostic fee to tell me the adblue pressure sensor had failed. £960 + vat. The recall bulletin which I got from Audi customer services, said that the adblue consumption would increase, but the dealer has said that it is just a coincidence. I have been asking them for 2 months what they actually did to the car during the recall and they have finally admitted that they have no idea. They have said that Audi has told them that there were 11 different possible changes to the software and that mine has 'Option 2'. But Audi won't tell them it is.
  5. Self employment income support scheme is different to the bounce back loans. You can claim a percentage of your profit. The bounce back loans are meant to be 25% of the previous years turnover, but no-one is checking. If your company was registered 28th Feb 2020, you would be eligible, but how would they calculate what 25% of your turnover was? There are plenty of people out there who have set up a business that has never really traded and they have been granted the full £50k I know someone who has claimed £150k as he had 3 separate businesses. Why wouldn't he? We will all pay for it down the line....
  6. I have no wish to start an argument, but wouldn't it be better to put the plates of the car that she was driving on the MID? We are quite slack at updating the MID, we've only been pulled twice, once by 5 traffic cars who boxed us in on the M4 at Swindon because the car we were driving had drugs and violence markers on it and one of the lads got pulled for no insurance, couldn't get through to us to get the insurance details and the Police got bored of waiting for him becasue there was a chase going on and told him to get our their car and drove off. One of the Coppers who pulled us on the M4, there are ANPR cameras by Leigh Delamere services, said that if we wanted to do what we wanted on the roads we should just 'fit false plates to the car and then the Police won't be able to do fuck all'. I don't know if that would stand up in court or not. I've been overtaken by Traffic cars fitted with ANPR cameras in a car that isn't taxed, with no trade plates in that isn't on the MID and they haven't even looked at me funny. Just lucky I guess.
  7. I had a nice tennis racket once. 'Black Ace' it was called, not sure about that. Newspapers, which had porn halfway through, we had a Town Ace that had a tv installed, not bad in 2000. Who didn't love a turbo timer? Not sure why they didn't catch on.
  8. I used to love driving along in a LWB Exceed Pajero and staring at that wooden steering wheel that would destroy my ribs if I hit something.
  9. Originally, once you had imported the car, you just needed to MOT it and then register it. For the MOT test we would just put some red plastic over the reverse light and pretend it was a fog light. The tester didn't care. You could buy an ok MX5 or Eunos Roadster as they were called for about £1200 because Sterling was strong against the yen, shipping and duty was around £700. Spend £300-£500 on prep and then knock it out for £4,995. All the old crap would get sold abroad, we couldn't buy enough of them. Mitsubishi FTOs and GTOs always sold well. The GTO buyers were usually fat middle aged men... The UK manufacturers started complaining so they introduced the SVA test, which was just a more strict MOT test but it cost just under £200, but the testers were strict. Then they introduced something, I think it was the ESVA test and everything had to have a type approval certificate, then most people gave up.
  10. James, what I find shocking is that this chap thinks that he could have potentially lost £80k when he had the £40k payment in his bank account, so would only have lost the car. He didn't really say that did he? I thought that you can only apply for one Bounce Back loan, so you would struggle to perform this scam on any of the traders I know.
  11. I appreciate the support here. If I see something on here that I disagree with I will query it, I don't wish to have my mental health queried, just because I have asked someone to clarify a point. Repeating articles that are in the Press, that are overwhelmingly negative isn't very useful. The fact that trade prices are so high would normally suggest that there is high demand for them? As most of us are open now, we want to get more stock, that seems sensible to me?
  12. You are probably correct. Why would anyone think that making fun of the way Asian people speak is racist? What was I thinking? Thanks for the recommendation about the charity. Can you recommend anyone in particular there? You must have a favourite. I was just after some clarity. This was written, which makes no sense at all.
  13. Just confirming that you think that people who are trying to buy stock to sell in their newly reopened car dealerships are 'idiots'?
  14. 100% agree. From our point of view though, we will be happy if we are the only place open, so if you think you shouldn't reopen, best not to I reckon.
  15. Fair enough, but that still means that everyone can open as long as the punters don't go in the 'showroom'??? And confirming what everyone else has been saying, loads of people never closed and nothing will happen to them.
  16. As far as I am aware, you can sell stuff remotely, the punters can come and collect the car as long as they don't go inside the premises. The same way that Screwfix etc are working. So in reality, no-one had to close.
  17. 'Babble', i've never heard the expression before. I had to look it up. I seem to recall that you are avoiding everyone at the moment????
  18. But i'm agreeing with you here. Why would you use a £2k scrappage scheme to get rid of a car that is worth more than £2k?
  19. So just to clear it up, it was only able to bring in the Congestion Charge, which would gain it revenue, by getting Government funding? That makes sense.
  20. Could you retype this message in English please?
  21. I see a question mark, but no question.
  22. Transport For London is not run by the Government.
  23. Paul, If you are refering to the congestion charge being brought back in London, that isn't going to be anything that the Government have decided.
  24. I've just read what I posted and I can't see where I said I was concerned. I'm sure you can enlighten me. The car washes can do what they want, it's up to them. If you want to act like the Daily Mail sitting on here all day saying who should be doing what, you carry on. Personally, I am going out and keeping fit, so my immune system is ready to fight off the 'deadly' virus. I'm not sure what powers you think Trading Standards have? It will be interesting to see if anyone gets prosecuted for 'illegal' trading while they are meant to be closed. My local garden centre never closed, perhaps the owner will get a 5 stretch when he goes to court?
  25. It's all very reasuring to tell us that car washes can't open, but they are. Sytner Auction is selling again. They are allowing collections. Are you going to tell us that they shouldn't be?