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  1. That's 37mpg. Can be good depending on the driving conditions. Lots of very short trips!
  2. madonnaluciana is trying to get their website going.
  3. No such thing as easy money.
  4. SHELDON MOT CENTRE LIMITED is also trading from the same site, owned by the same person. The latest accounts being filed for both companies says that no trading is taking place! Dodgy or what???
  5. This got me checking my own diesel vehicle, registered April 2016, and is on a private plate. Decoding the VIN tells me that it is a 2016 Model Year Vehicle, yet the Vehicle Certification Agency website holds conflicting data. I can only find my vehicle by telling the site that it is a 2015 my vehicle. This gives different emmissions to my registration certificate. Both though say that it is Euro 6 compliant. Transport For London say my vehicle is not compliant. Whether this is due to the plate change or not I dont know, but it looks like agro to now sort this out, should I wish to drive into London. Things are not as clear cut as they seem.
  6. You need a 3 phase power supply for commercial charging points to cope with the fast charge demand.
  7. The last accounts filed for Saxon Bridge were up to 31 August 2017. No wonder the stocking funders withdrew their support and took the stock away. So easy to blame it on Brexit!!
  8. Doesn't his own insurance cover him for 3rd party if he is driving something else?
  9. Oh so wrong!!!!! If the vehicle has, or should have a particulate filter fitted, and it emits smoke, then that is a fail! As for the other remark about the tester confiscating your keys, you obviously don't under stand how the MOT system works
  10. Applies to the Police as well!
  11. Lost of Money They seem to go at Auction for lots of money.
  12. Renaultsport Clio 182. Not your bog standard put put. More fun than the later sports versions.