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  1. I just contacted the seller and he had the car since 2015. The car was purchased from Big Motoring World, he never exported the car and always paid MOT, Insurance and Road Tax in this country.
  2. Hopefully not. Like I mentioned, he had valid MOT, UK plates and V5, I personally went on DVLA website and transferred the car into my name.
  3. Hello everyone, As per title, recently I bought a BMW 530GT 61 plate with UK number plates and UK V5 document. After testing the car I done a bank transfer and went online and transferred the V5. After 2 week DVLA is sending me a letter saying that the car has been permanently exported and unlicensed and because of that, they are unable to issue a V5. They would like me to complete a V55/5, 'Application for a first vehicle tax and registration of a used motor vehicle'. Along with the application they also want me to pay import duty through Notification of Vehicle Arrival (NOVA) at HMRC. I am looking for some advice, can I do anything about it? The seller was private and I bought it for myself. Thank you for your time and advice.
  4. Last year I had to pay 2400£ with bollington as part time trader from home and 10k max value. This year DNA insuance quoted me 1400£ when bollington is asking 2k.
  6. Mine is was 2200£ last year and 2400£ this year. Maybe in August when I turn 25 they will reduce the price.
  7. I just came back to your reply after few months and I must say(again) THANK YOU.
  8. I was in your situation last month, actually looking for one to check the VIN numbers and hidden faults. Looked for autel mp808 and then spoke with my mechanic and he suggested me to get WOW Wurth. I just went on ebay, bought the SNOOPER adaptor for 35 pounds ( comes with WOW WURTH V5 0.0.08R2 CD and then I went on google and downloaded WOW WURTH V5 0.0.12 and installed it on my laptop. The process is very simple, just install the program and then use the generator to give you the credentials. (you find tutorials on youtube). It's a great free tool, better then 7k SNAP-ON. Good luck. PS: You also can find the Delphi 2016 and Autocom 2016 but WOW Wurth is a better one
  9. Hello everyone. I hope you all you had a nice weekend. The weather was not great but still, I managed to make 2k profit from 2 cars last week. Just need a bit of advice, I am selling part time, I work full time and my profits from cars are decent I say. I feel like I need to step further and dream bigger. I spend all of my spare time searching, buying and selling cars. (that's evenings and weekends). What's next? Shall I find a place to store them? How long can I do it without being properly registered as sole trader? When do I know that I am doing alright? I am making enough from cars to pay my bills but still I am afraid is not enough to quit my day job. Also I don't want to get in trouble with tax man. Thank you for advice.
  10. That's very true. I actually said myself to stop buying vauxhall, Peugeot and Renault but let's see how it goes in a month or so.
  11. I am not sure if my price is too high. Cap value comes up around 5k I am not sure if my price is too high. Cap value comes up around 5k
  12. Diesel 2.0 30£ road tax, they sell very good in my area.
  13. Thanks. 1st comes 1served. Selling as well 3 Series 63 plate and had 2 viewers after 6h I posted it. I am near London. Everyone seems to be scared about Ulez.
  14. Hi guys Just got a Vauxhall Astra 2.0 CDTi Auto (63 plate, 2013) 36k miles in excellent condition. (diesel) I am trying to sell it for 5000 but its been a week and only one phone call about it. Am I pricey or people are actually scared about diesel cars? Cheers.
  15. Noted that. Hopefully I will pick up quick. Thank you very much for taking the time and offering me advice. I am happy because I joined this forum and actually speak with you guys. When I came in UK 4 years ago I couldn't even speak so everything that I am doing on the side of my job gives me joy and motivation.
  16. I am a bit stuck at the moment, I use parkers and autotrader for valuation before making offers on private cars but most of them online have quite high prices. I really need to find a better/easier way to source cars.
  17. Thank you for the great advice. Hard to find someone around to boost my motivation.
  18. I work full time as a gas and electric engineer earning 30k a year. (installing this smart meters that most of the people are almost forced by suppliers to have them). Because I do it as a private seller at the moment I am trying to buy under 5k maybe a bit more for certain cars and sell for 500, maybe 1k profit. (just found a desperate seller that wanted a Skoda Kodiaq that sold me his 12plate Merc c220 82k miles for 3500 and luckily I sold it in 5 days for 4750£) Thank you for your time. I actually bought few cars from there but on someone else's gold membership. Was a decent profit but some were just luck. No one was looking at a RR 57 plate for 4500£ about 1year ago (because suspension on dashboard) I bought it and was only needed topped up with suspension oil. But that I am sure was luck so I won't try again.
  19. Hello everyone. I am on this forum for a while so I decided to introduce myself and be more active on it. My name is Marian, 24, I trade cars for almost 2 years now (just a car or two a month). The hobby started to become something more important than my job, I love doing it and gives me moments of joy most of the time. There were moments when I lost money but I decided to keep going and now I am aiming for at least 10% profit on each car. Last year I made 7000 profit, not having trade insurance just buying the cars privately, paying day insurance and all the expenses before selling them. At the moment I just became BCA member and hopefully I will find time to actually go to Blackbushe and buy my 1st car from there. If all goes right my plan is to get trade plates and start small with some cheap cars and work hard to get more moments of joy and quit my day job. Thanks for your time reading this.