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  1. The admin should sort it out in all honesty, other forums seem to be able to manage it.
  2. All about freedom of choice though isn't it? I don't get why people care so much about what others choose to do.
  3. MOTs are very hit and miss whether they are dodgy or not. You could take any car to ten different MOT stations and I guarantee you will get very different reports.
  4. I just checked her YouTube as I was curious and its had no updates for 6 months Seems strange to decide to travel around the world during a pandemic as well.
  5. Clacton God knows what shes upto but she was certainly different but it definitely worked for her. She knew how to get on tv as well, lovely free advertising. I know a few people who leased cars from her and they had nothing but good things to say, she must have done something right.
  6. I realise this is old but some tw*t bounced the thread, but... Ling and her website may be a bit out there but she certainly knows how to shift motors
  7. I'm reliably informed the one in Deptford and Norwood still do the same if required. Crazy really as surely people want to make sure their cars are at least safe.
  8. You cannot get anybody to just sign away their rights. Distance selling regulations ended in 2014, it's the consumer contract regulations now.
  9. No. If it has sentimental value why sell it in the first place. It's never going to make her much regardless of MOT work.
  10. Apart from the icons all good, it's a shame I no longer have my administrator privileges though, was quite eye opening
  11. Somehow I seem to be an admisnitrator as I'm getting reports of content that has been reported, I also have access to the advanced section which I didn't have before. I also have another screenshot it won't let me upload
  12. Check, challenge, appeal is the governments slogan for this. They are either scamming you or trying to charge for something that can be done easily yourself.
  14. Have a look on Amazon, they have loads at a decent price.
  15. How much have they enabled him to make in that time though. What might not work for you is obviously working for him and he's happy with it.
  16. I have just read an interview he gave to autocar magazine..... It’s interesting to discover that among Hartley’s business heroes are Philip Green and Mike Ashley (of BHS and Sports Direct respectively) and that he considers Donald Trump a genius. Speaks volumes.
  17. You can buy Facebook likes from Asia etc, the same with Twitter followers etc. So if you see someone jump up in a short space of time that is probably how they are doing it
  18. It's a pity there weren't a few more of you on here.
  19. I'm bored of this now. I used pulling someone over as an example as you had referred to pulling someone over as an example. The fact you used retard as an insult says a lot about you as a person, but there you go. As for not getting far in life, I haven't done all that badly and I still have half my life left all being well. Anyway I will leave you to your world where you are a success, you are always right and you have now learnt how car insurance actually works. Maybe they never taught that at high ranking police college
  20. Yes you did say your neighbour, yet you accuse me of not being able to read. You cannot even remember what you wrote. I'm surprised you were not snapped up by the SOCA. I'm not backtracking at all. Once again attitudes like yours are why people do not respect the police. They only have to be pulled over by someone like you and their whole view of the police is tarnished. I don't have to take into account of anything you have said, the same as you don't have to take into account anything I have said. I don't like people with the attitude that you have and you obviously feel the same about me. I can live with that.
  21. Oh no, so you had a message from someone who said I annoy them as well. First I was offered a meet up and now this, well I'm gutted about that, absolutely distraught in fact. I doubt I will need counselling but it may take me a long time to get over it You can say what you like but I'm not anti police, I socialise with police several times a year through being a member of an organisation. I also stand by what I say, attitudes such as yours do not belong in the police. They are outdated and detract from the positive work the police undoubtedly do. As for the little story about your neighbour. It's not similar in the slightest. I don't think you will be troubling Mensa anytime soon.
  22. Not a cop basher at all. But you are everything that is wrong with the police, prejudging and having a view of people before you have even bet them. Which is just what is wanted in the police Then again I'm speaking to an ex copper who never fully understood how car insurance works
  23. What he said, sounded like a true copper/ex copper. Believe me cops like listening to people from a decent area.. It's the whole social circle crap... Ie if they know you live in a half a million pound house.. Most people around here live in half a million pound houses, hopefully they will demean themselves to help out if we ever need them.
  24. Yet people wonder why people don't have much respect for the police.