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  1. The smugness in front of the customer of his Ferrari and lambo photo... never show more wealth in front of Joe normal if you want there business or am I wrong..., just seems common sense. They are amazing cars though. Shame he was such a melt.
  2. Hey guys. YouTube William's motor company. Rogue traders he has blue lambo... makes matey 5 stars look like a saint. Like after lie after lie..
  3. Thanks all for response. Again the honesty from you all is what mattered. However on one website alone not sure if allowed to say NAME but starts with A... there are currently 3689 cars between 500 and 1000 within only 40 miles of our location. And this is traders only not private sales. So Defoe a market. Anyway we are moving forward from tomorrow and have solicitors meeting Wed and to go over all legalities that some have highlighted. Again this business is about honesty and not ripping people off so customers will know exactly what they are buying from us when we start selling. And to be honest the money we will be investing would only be spent by the wife if not!!!! Remember everyone on this site who sells cars are there to make a profit and offer a good valuable service Hopefully. I'll keep people updated as things progress and if anyone wants to come over and have a look then more than welcome when all set up. Again thanks again. Defo be on here not just post and leave. Cheers
  4. So just logged on. Knew it was a good move to finally join. Firstly thank you how ever brutal, yet truthful the replys have been. Secondly and I apologise if this goes on to long but I'll explain more of the idea and business. Ok so myself and my business partner have finally given up the rat run which was working in London. Fortunately with out sounding arrogant. The industry we were in has allowed us to set up this new business with out the burden of worrying if it doesn't make a success and can be put down to well we tried. However money makes money. So even an investment of x thousands seems ridicules, If the idea is workable then it's a no brainer. The plan for the price range we were thinking was that people do want everything and more, but people also want it for nothing. By being totally frank with the motors to the customers. And saying yes the car does have a wing dented yes it does have a rip on the seat and yes left rear window electric switch plays up etc. Then the idea in our head is people will know it's not mint but if they get 1 to 2 years and scrap it after surely it's worth buying. Even reading back 1 to 3k is steep lol. We would be working on quantity. As the land we have has access for 60 ish cars. Idea being if advertising is done properly and cars sell even a profit of as little as £150 per car at even half of them cars a week is serious money. Remember the price looking back at 1 to 3k in hindsite the sub 1000 pounds. Bracket would be more ideal Anyway that's the idea please feel free to call me mad a f@@@@king what ever or maybe actually u may be on to something. Also the land to store and view the cars. Including working office is already owned so does not need to be taken into account financially. Working on the cars and mot etc does need paying for if needed. But again if a local good machanic has a guarenteed flow of cars per week. Would they normally strick a deal price wise???? I know there is the 2015 sale of goods act??? Which will be needed to read and scrutinised but if the cars are sold and appraised exactly as the customer sees including all adverts etc. Is this enough. Bear in mind worst case senario car sells for 800 and for arguments sake it comes back and to repair cost 900 would it be a right off and so just pay back customer minus wear and tear ??? Again if thats ridicules then please say haha. Anyway think this sort of gives an idea. Like I said it's a business that is there to cater for the low low market. As long as safe obviously and mot pass. Could or would it work on large quantity. Again not even going into the 1500 bracket or above. Just simple cheap run arounds that will be as disposable of a mobile phone!!!!! Again if you read this thank you. Cheers. Ha this totally destroys my idea and business. Dam you my friend ;*)
  5. Haha is 9ct ok Haha is 9ct ok God help me hope can sell better than working out how to reply
  6. hi peeps. just to say hello as a new face to this great site. just starting up new business with the £1000 to £3000 range of vehicles. anyone have 5 golden rules to follow lol... cheers.