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  1. Wow! Feel the hate for FB! We do pretty well from it, both from a customer retention and from a lead generation standpoint. Surprised to read all the negative comments, but I suppose a lot of it is down to what you sell, how you sell and manage the leads. It's a far cry away from simply loading stock onto a website and putting the kettle on. Stevie
  2. Don't always expect us to round your new car payment down to the nearest hundred pounds. The part exchange car isn't worth what's owed to the finance company. Your negative equity isn't our problem, we aren't here to pay your shortfall. Always be decent. You wouldn't be any other way if you went to a nice restaurant - why treat us any differently. Not all car dealers are the same. Could probably go on, but hopefully this well help
  3. Kwality - link doesn't even work - flying start!
  4. Hi DAJP, do you manage your GoogleAds account in house? How do you track your conversions?
  5. We're Scotlands first and longest established - BuySure Dealer. Basically, we've gone for it full blooded. In round figures, we're around 30-35k'ish a year with RAC. We put a min of 3month warranty on everything. Even stock thats literally just our of Manufacturers Warranty with 9k miles on. We focus on cars under 70k miles (most are under 50k) to allow us to put their 'value' product on. This basically gives the customer (and us!) an amazing level of cover and a claim limit which is the value of the car (today it was a 36.5k Boxster for example). 5 years we've been with them and thoroughly enjoy the head space it gives me where after sales are concerned (the odd one still rears its head), as well as the additional sales I feel it gives, especially with distance customers. We have over the past year, really been working on selling up, and its working great. We find it easy to sell up something we believe is a good product, and I think customers pick up on that. With that in mind, so far this year, we've turned this from a cost, to a profit generator. You need to be strict with yourself though and 'not just be thankful for the sale'! Ask the customer, present the product and overcome objections! Taking the RAC up on their products, just for iffy cars, isn't going to work. They aren't stupid and will spot a suspect 'burn rate' a mile off. Work with them, embrace their products and prep standards and it really does work. Stevie
  6. Very positive so far. Finishing up on Friday for two weeks. We close for the fortnight, so a few before we close the doors is always nice. Had a thumper of a May and a great June, so have a bit of 'fat' on us if we don't manage to get a few on the board before/after holidays. We always managed though Stevie
  7. 53k.... Bet all the other rogues are shitting themselves.... not
  8. How this firm are still in business is beyond me. You only need to google them to find scores of threads across dozens of car forums about how shady they are! They've had some cars for sale for years and years. I certainly dont think they'll be closing their doors for a measly 53k.... Money certainly doesn't seem to be in short supply!
  9. I've yet to see decent photos off a turntable. Lighting, yes. Back drop, yes. Good equipment, yes. Turn table? Do you really sell that many, that turning the car around under its own power is that much of a hassle and drain on time?
  10. If we see a mileage discrepancy of any sort, pre p/x or purchase, we just leave it be. It takes up too much time 'explaining'. Plenty of cars out there without, so why bother.
  11. Just need to run it by the wife... Do you have a card?
  12. Hi Steve, welcome. I'm fairly new to the Forum, but we've been in the business for a long time. We are also based in the central belt. I've given thought to being a 'specialist' before, as it will give you a head start over other 'general' garages. My go-to marques would have been Porsche and Lexus (I'm passionate about both), but it was the supply of stock that seriously hindered this option. Buying from 'enthusiasts' and selling to 'enthusiast' means you'll be squeezed from both ends. Sellers looking for top dollar and buyers, comparing your car with others on a 'national' level. Not really issues you get with 'normal' car buyers. Although it can still happen. I'm a devout petrol head, but it rarely pays. Its good to have enthusiasm, it helps, but prep, price and reputation is more important than wether or not I'm into cars. Best of luck, it sounds like you have your team primed and ready to go! Stevie