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  1. Just go to the office and say take me off that car , simple
  2. Do you know that if you buy a car that is knocked down to you 'provisional' that you are at liberty to remove your bid at any time ? Might be teaching some of you to suck eggs but that info could be useful to newbys in the game .
  3. Thanks for the Typo David , can only blame the spellchucker I get what you are saying . I was surprised to see Autotrademail not functioning after it was such a powerful portal back in the day . Cheers .
  4. Hi Guys , just revisiting this old thread from 2019 and wondered what people are using at the moment for the procurement and disposal of stock ? Cheers
  5. www.financeforcars.co.uk www.loansforcars.co.uk No websites just the domains I have owned these for years never got around to developing them , pm me to register any interest . Thanks Charles.
  6. Disagree with what ? I simply pointed out that we were around before the example you quoted. In fact we were the original online car buyers .......unless you know different of course Good luck with your new venture .
  7. Got a couple of Domain names i want to sell, is it ok to put them in this section ?
  8. First thing that hits me is how long the 2,3and 4 cars have taken to sell ! nearly 3 months each ! Seems not a very sought after model .
  9. Just had a quick look at the www.motors.co.uk site and done a valuation using the tab at the top "whats mine worth " all i can say is that if the customer is armed with those valuations then get ready for a real battle . Try one .