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  1. Dear All, I just called Cargurus to suggest them to waive the advertisement fee like eBay did during the lockdown period. I suggest you also call them if you are paying them. Give them a feedback to waive the fees during lockdown. Because we are all closed. I think they might do it if lots of dealers give the same feedback. Thanks mates.
  2. My setup exactly the same as AW. A £9.99 multimeter and a ring workshop battery charger. Easy and reliable.
  3. Lucas


    Thanks Mates. Thank you Mark.
  4. Lucas


    Thanks DPF. Luckily that red Jaguar XF sold.
  5. Lucas


    Thank you Casper. Likewise.
  6. (This Post Deleted by myself) Thanks a lot!
  7. Nice!! So I will save you guys contact detail as my backup plan too.
  8. I was very upset while I can't load the page! I was so worried what if it really close down permanently? Then I thought maybe we should have a backup forum in case this forum close down some day. Is there any backup plan? Thanks
  9. I bought a Sumpup. Trying to activate the account, but then they cancelled my account and asked me to return the reader. Because they said they are not provide services to car trader. Am I the only got this result?!
  10. The problem is: why will you got another offer after a sale agreed? Have you take it off from your ads? Or you keep the ads alive still?
  11. Not yet. No sold at all. Do have some calls and online requests. A little better than before.
  12. Just see this. Thanks mates. I am always here. Just busy on something and have no new story to tell in the past few days.