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  1. i've had a lease of Ling in the past. Everything was spot on, no hassel or bullsxxt and easy ordering/tracking process. Got to give her credit where due..
  2. Hi, think you have two issues playing out here, it would help to know exact vehicle type. AFAIK the only thing that can be achieved by connecting into the EZS/ESL wiring it to bypass a corrupted steering lock. If this was bypassed then updating the software may well interfere with the system giving a non start. You would need to disconnect the emulator and try reconfiguring the security as a starting point. It may just have a fault on the steering lock. Ask Mercedes to remove the module, repair wiring, and try reprogram. if they refuse try a good indy. have they got a record of the mileage stored in modules. I'd be surprised if it's different as you'd have to isolate the cluster of the network and this would throw up several faults. If the modules are all reporting same mileage (as a mileage suppressor would do) then there's no evidence on the car of clocking. It may just be the Merc technician claiming this to substantiate the non start. You need to go and see the car, what's connected where and into what circuit. I'd be surprised if this has had a CAN mileage blocker placed in the vehicle AND left there before lease return. Hard to say without seeing it...
  3. Interested in this thread too, looking to get a unit. Any experiences with lease problems. Do you need a solicitor to tie these down or is there any cheaper alternatives, conveyance etc.. BIGNIT, where are you along in the process now.. Thanks..
  4. Swapped the light for this problem, the bulb holders melt and connectors tarnish. Check both sides. access from back of the wheel arch.
  5. Hi, the park switch inside the motor will be playing up. If the Bsi doesn't get a repeated signal from it, it shuts the motor down mid cycle it thinks the motors seized /frozen. Sometimes even with the new motor on you still have to clear the codes in the BSi. Had the motors burn out the engine fusebox numerous time on these with people trying to power the motor still connected for testing.
  6. Beggar to differ with most opinions here but I think he's still liable. If he can't PROVE that the initial customer bought the car knowing full history, and this customer disputes that he did. The fact that he's now sold the car on changes nothing. Yes the now NEW owner can't chase him, the seller, through the courts but he can claim against the original customer who sold him it. The original customer is now free to chase his losses through a 'mis-represented' car of the dealer. It's not the same a s a car getting a fault, it's a misrepresentation at the sale which will void it and if the first customer has suffered a loss he's free to chase it through the courts for many years Good luck with this one, be interesting to see how it plays out.
  7. Hi, can't offer any legal advice just an observation. Why has this took a year to get to here. After the initial rejection it would have been wiser for you to chase her for a quick vehicle return. At least then the ball would have been back in her court with nothing more than a few weeks driving to put it behind you. Waiting for her to slip up so you can put your head in the sand has just delayed the inevitable. Now it's a years driving to try and strike a deal on and more hassle. Think the best course of action with these complaints is to put them to bed early and move on. Some customers aren't worth the stress...
  8. Is it possible to say what happened to the vehicle. Does it get returned or is the award for a replacement engine to be fitted or something.
  9. From the link you gave... The Uninsured Driver’s Agreement No car insurance – the MIB will settle insurance claims for third party injury and damage to property. No valid car insurance – if a driver causes third party injury and damage to property while, for example, using their car for business on a private use only policy, the MIB will insist that the driver’s insurance company pays out to the third party. It will then be up to the insurer to recover its costs from their own customer. In any case, the best option is not to let people drive round in your cars. At lest if it's yourself in an accident, there's no excessive mess to deal with. Hopefully the OP won't get hit for the bill and the mechanic sorts his car out.
  10. Is this reasonable? -- No, but that doesn't change anything... one mate would insure under traders and his pals would just use that as a pool car -- Yes, but the cars still got an active insurance, the fact that his mates are not insured on it is a matter for the police, or if the insurer is knowingly letting them drive this would void the insurance allowing the insurance company to chase after the money that they will still have had to pay out on a claim., In other instances where an uninsured driver had hit a third party vehicle the third party claims were dealt with by the Motor Insurance Bureau. -- No insurance available to claim off. If the vehicle had any mandatory insurance it will be claimed against regardless of who was driving it. The point is your insurance are legally obliged to pay out in all eventualities because they cover the vehicle and whatever events it finds itself in. The fact that they VOID the insurance doesn't protect them from a claim. It only allows them to actively chase either the policyholder or someone else through the courts to recover their losses.
  11. My policy covers me and my business partners only. We have demonstration cover and we have to be present in the car.... It doesn't, it covers the vehicle as well. Say the vehicle handbrake slips and rolls down the street, say your driving the car and crash and the MOT has ran, Your vehicle is parked and fuel leaks causing a fire. That's why insurance has to, by law, cover the vehicle. Doesn't matter whose is or isn't in control of it. thatch why ever vehicle needs it own insurance even if an overriding insurance temporary covers it. That's why premiums in hot spot areas are so high, it's the damage your stolen vehicle can cause which falls back on your insurer. Not the cost of the loss of the vehicle. It's something to keep in mind if you let someone claim they have their own insurance cover to test drive your car. It's tempting to think let them get on with it, it's their problem if something goes wrong. The reality is if their insurance isn't valid the're driving on yours even though you didn't consent.
  12. Bet your going to enjoy them beers tonight....
  13. If no other insurance, lookers or mechanics, want to bother covering the vehicle (why would they..) it falls back to your trade policy. This is the insurance for that vehicle to be on the road and covers any events it finds itself in. Your trade policy have to cover it regardless to what they say or where the blame lies. That's who the 3rd party claimants will chase it from. Even if your cars stolen, chased and crashes into another car, damaging police cars etc..To add insult to injury, they all claim from your insurance..
  14. Not your problem it's the mechanics and your insurance. You didn't authorise him to drive the vehicle so technically it was TWOC. You would never have give him permissions as your insurance doesn't cover him. The vehicle needs to have insurance cover, either trade or private, to be available to drive on public roads ie. Not SORN'ed. You had this. Your insurance covers your VEHICLE regardless if it's stolen, TWOC'd, drunk driven etc. You need to report the TWOC to police and tell your insurance they cover the liability. This is why you have insurance, to cover the liability of the vehicle.. One more thought, assuming this is going to run into 10,000's. If your not asset rich, there's probably not much can come of it financially in the long run. Same goes for the mechanic. One things for sure, it would be some friendship that survived this. Good luck.
  15. Biggest problem for electric cars is they can only be charged off road. That rules the majority of people in inner cities. Can't honestly think off a workaround for it. Even the idea of assigning people a dedicated charger outside their home, kerb/ lampost based etc is unworkable.Most homes have two or three cars and struggle to park outside now. This Orwellian idea of everyone silently commuting to work and plugging in their car for the return journey is so far fetched to be laughable. Most people can't guarantee themselves a parking space as it is, imagine the panic with people desperate to charge. I don't think any of it has been though through, just activist groups and politicians using it for their own agendas. Even if you could come up with some legislation to secure a right to park outside your house who's going to pay the billions to invest in the mass charging infrastructure needed. Personally, I think in the interim the hybrid will become more universal. These are becoming popular on the company car scheme now. i know two people how have the BMW 5 series and neither of them have ever charged them up. A few of the major manufacturers are heading towards the hydrogen fuel cell, this to me seems to tick all the boxes.