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  1. Hi Andy, could you by anychance change my username to NAC? 


  2. Afternoon all We're kicking off the new season of the Car Dealer Karting challenge this month ( October) with a double header, starting at Stockton on tees on the 16th and then Manchester on the 17th. We have a few places left in Manchester if anyone is interested in joining. It's either teams of 4, or if you are less than 4 we can make a team for you. Drop me a message if your want to join us, ( It's a lot of fun, not at all competitive and most importantly FREE, thanks to our headline sponsors Close Brother Motor Finance Andy
  3. We're going to be doing a piece on punters and part ex's. Specifically has anyone got any good stories about the kind of tricks that punters pull to hide problem with a PX... names will of course be changed to protect the innocent !
  4. Can I just remind everyone this is a trade site, there seems to be a few ads creeping in where the "vendors" seem to think they are selling to consumers, both in the descriptions and prices.... Doesn't overly bother us, but you are wasting your time if you think anyone on here is going to pay retail for a car...
  5. post now deleted. Sorry, its been a bit buys in the office and we've slipped a bit in watching for this stuff....
  6. He's been using my laptop, don't know if he's actually got one in the portacabin..... :-)
  7. So, conversation between me and Big Mike in the office today ( its true !!) discussing what dictates a car being classed as high mileage.... So, what is the highest mileage car you've sold and more importantly, what's the highest mileage metal you've taken in, what was it and how old...
  8. Cheers all - don't mind where it comes from, most will pallet it these days and my spanners man in Sandhurst is ready with his WD40 and hammer...... :-) Yup, its more about, who not to use. Rather spend a few hundred quid with someone who will stand behind what they sell than a cheap pile of bolts as they will be keeping the car for the mid term!
  9. Its a minefield out there I know. Anyone got any recommended suppliers they've used? Friends 2.0 TFSI A5 has lunched the engine, he was about to send to Audi, but at 8 years old, it just isn't worth it. Far easier to drop in a recon unit rather than spend what is likely to be well north of £4k to rebuild!
  10. Good idea, I'm pretty sure we can scout the bottom draws in the office to find an old Autotrader mug or something as a prize...... Let me chat to our tech Monkeys and see if we can put something "proper" together on here !
  11. you lot have opened a bloody can of works now, we'll have every tom and Dick on here asking now...
  12. I'm going to jump in as Admin here. This forums was set up for us, as the trade, to talk to each other. Share ideas, help and problems... and have a laugh along the way. We are very proud of the way the forum, mostly, self manages and the way that most people are happy to give advice. Don't forget, many on here won't work for a large group, they may be a one man band, so this is as close as chatting to a colleague about an issue as it gets. We love the fact that so many people are so happy to give advice and we want this forum to be a place where people can come and get views, (whether then like the answers or not). You do not need to offer advice, its not obligatory and we are just happy to have all involved. Yes, some may come along when they need help and then go quiet, that's natural, but the help they get here will also encourage others to become active members, which is good for us all. Believe it or not, we have over 40,000 views of this forums every month, true story, so, many people come along to read and watch. Even if someone doesn't post much, it doesn't mean they aren't taking in what's becoming said. So, lets play nice with the new guys (and gals). We were all there one. Love, hugs and kisses from us all and HAPPY CHRISTMAS Please also note - I didn't mention Porsches once !
  13. We seem to be amassing quite a collection here too.... if you need one, we probably have it in the lockup..
  14. I'd get a bloody lovely one for £200k.... :-)