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  1. I wonder if GDPR restricts giving out info, apparently on service history invoices we are supposed to remove old customer's details if I remember correctly...
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-53149762 two fresh lockdowns in Germany, hmmmm. And they had it way better than us - won't be long before our numbers are back up again by the looks of things
  3. and they key way to make up for the shortfall in funding and recuperate grants is the raise vat? i mean, how else will the gov get back all this money they're dishing out for free?
  4. shiver me timbers, it's Ling from 2007's Dragons Den!
  5. great app for camera warnings: http://www.camsam.com/software/camsam-for-android/ android only though
  6. Fancy adding four more cylinders Dave?? https://www.facebook.com/GTBOARD/videos/362673994480065/
  7. Please can you go on record and describe your next car like that? For science!!
  8. Once a case is struck out can a claimant reapply for another case? I would check this out properly. Since this involves a business and consumer, the courts will ask you, the business, to prove the goods were fit for purpose at the time of sale. Since you have the text messages about the glow plugs before he bought the car, you can use that as proof the customer knew he would be purchasing an otherwise fit for purpose car, minus the fault already presented to him. A friend asked me to be his lawyer for a small claims against his business and we won. Having been through that I believe you can easily win this case, however for the amount of time you would spend to prepare and defend the case, you could easily put into buying and selling a couple of cars and making a few k that way, so it's not logical to waste time on this case when you can spend your time wisely elsewhere. I would tell the billy you're happy to refund him provided the car repaired back to the same condition it was sold to him in AND it be driven back to you, none of this funny recovery business. Also, only email or text him from now on. If he rings, tell him to communicate to you in writing (so you have proof of all comms if needed). How can the gearbox be stuck in 1st AND the key be missing? Even my old 1993 Mercedes didn't let me remove the key from the ignition unless the gear lever was in Park - how have they managed to do it? Did they remove the ECU and key, fit it to another car and fit this with a duff ECU or something? Definitely do a full inspection if it comes to it.
  9. Mine went the moment I was approved for the private section...
  10. And it'll probably come with 2 keys as well!!
  11. go on the website, attempt to pay, and check how much it wants to charge you - around my area even though the fine increases after 14 days when you go to pay at 21 days it still asks for the discounted amount. Maybe it'll be the same for you
  12. which other forum out of interest?