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  1. Hey!! Been trying to find you! I will pm you my details. Hope you’re well.
  2. Fca is easy to do especially as you can phone them and they walk you through step by step. No business plan is needed. You need to make sure you get the correct permissions. Almost all finance companies want you trading for at least 12 months, have a website, forecourt and signage. Some aren’t as strict
  3. Hi I work for blue motor finance. You need an fca license, need to be vat registered and have an up to date website with 10 plus cars. Also where are you based as I can do your fca license for you if you’re in my area
  4. Awww thanks .... ok you won’t get as much commission as you would going direct but try a broker maybe to just start with. Motion finance, evolution, zebra and mallard I’ve heard are ok. You could try motonovo but you might get the same response
  5. Oh no! That’s unusual... what’s your post code and I’ll get the rep to call you tomorrow
  6. That was super quick! If you need any help setting up finance even if it’s second string (if you have your first string sorted) then let me know! Always good to have a couple of lenders on board
  7. Hi fca says it can take anything from 4 weeks to 6 months but I’ve never known an application to take 6 months. Average is around 8/12 weeks. Also you don’t need to submit anything else unless they ask. I would just call them this week to make sure they have everything etc.
  8. Hi, did you call Alex the rep whose number I gave you? If you call the fca they will take you through it step by step. The most important thing is that you need credit broking, debt adjusting and debt counciling and yes that’s your accountants details they are asking for. natalie
  9. Hi blue is up to 12 years old at the end of the agreement if it’s a car. Hi Dane best thing to do is call 020 30059330
  10. Hi unless it’s fraud we will not claw back any commissions after 3 months. We are slightly different on a few things. One of them being I’m always working!
  11. Hi I work for blue motor finance so any questions you have please don’t hesitate to call me. I cover the south west but can also put you in touch with the correct reps for your region. We have no claw back as long as the customer has paid the first 3 months. We fund full VAT on any LCV, we pay the commission with the advance and do everything from prime to sub prime. Plus we are a direct lender and if you are a new customer you get a free iPad or iwatch within the first 3 months after the first 2 deals paid out then another for the next 4 so and and so forth up to 5 in total. We also do a lot more. I can also help you complete your fca for you if you don’t have one. You do have to be VAT registered though. Thanks Natalie 07849 832045