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  1. 10 live cars advertised for sale and 6 of them needed windscreen repairs. Even Pinocchio had a day off once in a while
  2. If you can point out to me where the law mentions tier 4 in the distance selling regulations I’ll agree this is a distance sale. lessons learned and all that but this isn’t a distance sale.
  3. “I am no expert, I’ve just read the news and I’ve signed up here to tell you all off, naughty boys” Errr, cheers. It must be some life you lead. To have all the time in the world to sign up to a random forum, state you actually have no expertise (none of us do) say all you have done is follow the news (as we all have) and have the courtesy to lecture us. Very kind of you. Out of sheer morbid curiosity, how may other Internet forums have you signed up for that you have nothing to do with, to tell all the people on that forum you’re an average person with no expertise but to listen to your rant anyhow? Just find yourself a bird and unload in her? You’ll feel much better.
  4. No, you just have sly, personal, anonymous digs at them on the Internet instead.
  5. No but I’m starting to wonder if he’s still on here!
  6. I don’t have the answers, I have an opinion. It doesn’t seem to correspond with yours. Ah well. Even Trump has said he believes it will be seasonal. Where do you think he gets his advice from, the beano? Quite what my length of time in the industry has to do with talking about Coronavirus I don’t know. I can read the news like you can. Anyone can hold an opinion. Do I know you? Do you know me? This is the second thinly veiled dig at me you have had on here, in the last 3 weeks. You seem to have a little hard on for me. The moderators on the forum here don’t really like little spats, which is understandable. It doesn’t look good on the board as a whole. I happen to live very close to the areas you are going to looking at cars tonight (Petts Wood, Orpington) so why don’t you send me a private message (to keep the board free from this sort of thing) tell me the name of a pub near where you’re going to be later and a time, and I’ll swing by and buy you a pint and you can tell me to my face all your problems with me and we can sort it all out?
  7. Christ I’d rather chop off my bollocks with a shovel. He’s gone anyway, I’ve got a full day of cleaning shitty Focus’ myself tomorrow. New valeter starting next week.
  8. Mate, people haven’t been buying new cars like that (3 years ownership and chop it in for a new ‘un) since early 2018, down to Brexit and uncertainty with petrol/diesel/electric. It’s got sod all to do with Coronavirus, it’s been like that for ages. We’re never far away from a recession of some description and usually around a decade or two away from a full on collapse so predicting a recession is a pretty safe bet.
  9. Places like Iran, a country bordered by a country also bordered by errr, China. Italians are tactile people, one kiss for them isn’t enough and even the fellas get up close and personal with each other. Being an island, one that is inhabited by people who traditionally, shy away from getting too close to each other and one that is on the brink of it’s typically warmest season, will help us a lot.
  10. I have zero problem being wrong, pin it to your wall mate, no problem
  11. Buying a NEW car may not be on people's priority list but buying a car for some, is a necessity, not a choice. So what we're saying here, is in order for our industry (sales) to be slowed, we're talking about a small percentage of the buying population, that being, those who are looking for a car just "because" and also happen to be frightened about a cold. Where I imagine it will impact, is supplies, so tyres, parts, whatever. I don't really imagine it will have a serious effect on regular sales. No more than brexit, the world cup, the rain, the cold, the snow, the heat, the kids off school, the kids back to school, the tennis, Christmas, summer holidays, the clouds, moon and sky and dozens of other influences on the industry. I hope I'm right anyway but I have to say everyone I have spoken to, customers, friends, family, neighbours, everyone is completely non-plussed about it all and are carrying on as-you-were, save for the more frequent trip to wash their hands, which can only be a good thing anyway. That and the fact we are an island. That in itself cannot be underestimated.
  12. I'm not being complacent. It's the flu. the coronovirus isn't news albeit this particular strain is and like most winter illnesses, they are precisely that, seasonal. It's utterly hysterical the way some people are behaving and if you want to indulge in that sort of mindset, please feel free. In a few weeks time, if we're on lockdown like Italy, you'll have the glory of saying "I told you so" but I'm saying now you won't be.
  13. Agreed. I remember when bird flu was going to kill us all, swine flu, SARS. I can assure you now, if this happened 6 months ago, it would be 2nd or 3rd news story behind Brexit. It's filling column inches by the yard at the minute and a sustained drop of warm weather coupled with a bit more vigilance and awareness from the human population and it will be forgotten in a few months. Some people love a drama and misery loves it's company. Somehow we, as a nation (and a world) managed to cope and survive past a number of world wars. I reckon we can cope with this.
  14. It may well unblock sinks or hoover up large quantities of water quickly but it doesn't have the power the numatic does when you are wet vaccing carpets and seats, I've tried one after the other (titan then george) and a numatic will always, always extract more water from seats and carpets.
  15. Titan are great for a dry vac but they aren’t comparable to a George for a wet vac. It’s only when you use a George do you realise how good they are.
  16. Wet vacs are ok but to clean upholstery and carpets properly you need a drill brush. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F112582197715 I’d do some google research as to what removes make up (I’m presuming thinner type products will do it) and spray on, drill brush, extract with wet vac. Rinse and repeat as necessary.
  17. No row from me mate, just don’t get your mentality but there again, I don’t have to do I.
  18. Well, whatever mate, it’s your business if you think it made a profit, then it doesn’t matter what I think. Good luck to you. No, I understand why you wouldn’t want to do that but if you think about how often you could have reinvested the money, in something that turned 4 times or more, it does give you something to think about when deciding to cut its legs off or not. I don’t suppose there’s a right or wrong answer, each to their own.
  19. Ok, so you average £33 per car x 24 months is £800. Add in costs of overheads associated with your pitch and the lost revenue that you could have made from spinning the money in that focus three or four times on something else. It doesn’t add up.
  20. Sorry but that’s very unlikely. Even if you allowed £100 a month advertising on that car that’s £2400 in advertising you have spent on that car.
  21. I had one today “car tested when wet” and I also saw one on a car I was looking at “wipers could be better” I reckon some of them are bored shitless
  22. Correct. Fiesta, Corsa, Astra, Focus, 10-30 days. Good luck making a living selling 6-8 of them a month. Cheap, old German stuff could go in a matter of hours and at all hours. But properly prepared, low mileage, low owner niche German stuff, will sit for weeks because there just isn’t enough people willing to pay £8995 for a 2004 S500 or £6995 70k E46. I couldn’t think of a market I’d like to sell less to. The ratio of perverts to callers must be astronomical.