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  1. Is this a MPG forum? Get rid of it. ASAP
  2. What’s his conviction for? Wiping out a power station whilst Drunk driving? cant see what else would cost so much
  3. That’s where I was coming from (about the age). Any component could fail now ( and they’re not cheap to fix)leaving a large bill, hence my comment about being a money pit. Just saying....
  4. Cummon . A 19 year old Porsche? Who could offer a warranty on that? Gotta be a money pit waiting to happen.
  5. Going back to the OP. check the T and Cs of your log book loan agreement, and let us know if you are free to sell the car. I think you’ll find your answer there About what you can and can’t do. Sorry but you signed them.....just saying....
  6. Tell him to go legal. If he was daft enough to do so, they’d throw it out.. ..... classic buyers remorse. Buy in haste , repent at leisure... He wont admit it but his missus has found these others cheaper on line (after he bought yours) and told him no nookie till he gets a refund...
  7. You will get the bulb failure warning coz of the lower current drawn by the LED version, this fools the car into thinking a bulb is blown. Another reason to sack them
  8. Tbh, you won’t get the same effect as a proper factory LED headlamp. I know someone who tried an LED bulb upgrade and he ended up throwing them away. If I were you, I’d avoid eBay, especially anything from overseas as very limited comeback Let us know how you get on. in your shoes, I’d look for a better halogen replacement, Osram do some called night breaker laser. About £22 a pair for H7s from ECP
  9. That’s where I’m coming from , has anyone else checked the buggers.....
  10. Why did the salesman say it was compliant? (You’d have been better off if he’d ignored the question...as it is, he’s dropped you right in it by telling untruths) in your shoes, I wouldn’t let it escalate, the more it does, the more it’ll cost you....
  11. Take it to another garage for a 2nd opinion if you’re not happy with the first. Have they checked the engine and gear mounts? And the exhaust and inlet system for leaks? If not, ask them why. Also, is this whilst driving (speed related) or whilst revving the engine in P/N?
  12. If it’s a wheel bearing, a spin round the carpark might not highlight it ... not defending BCA, just reality