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  1. SOLD Volvo V50 to a customer from Lincoln which is about 40 miles from us, all smooth transaction, we said we will deliver the car for free, customer over the moon and all that! 10 minutes into driving the car down to the customer bloody car wont go faster than 20 miles per hour and shaking like crazy! Rang recovery took the car down to the garage, they couldn't look at it until next day as they were really busy which is completely understandable from my point of view, but not from the customers of course. Next day got a call from the garage saying that one of the injectors got blown so they'll replace it also they rang to the electrician which can only come day after to inspect the car if anything got burned or something like that. Today electrician came, said that everything is well just need to program the injectors (i think) to the car. So i just took it down to Volvo to get it sorted........ now just a waiting game really. But besides of doing everything i can to sort this car out, customer is on my back "where is my car?" "what happened?""can you keep me updated?""can you call me instead of texting""I think we should get full tank of diesel because of this problem" but the most messed up one is this one "i think you are treating us differently because we are buying cheap car from you, if we would buy expensive one we would have been treated differently" why the hell would someone think that? Yes car broke down, they all do, i cant predict when it will happen, but we are paying for this repair, still delivering the car for free, i have offered multiple times to refund the car as well to which they have rejected. So my boss thinks that they will be on my back for life and will put bad review because of this problem and that we should refund them fully and sell the car to someone else. What do you guys think?
  2. @Rory RSC that's exactly what i get from the customers, or some of them say "oh but i have to go to work and i dont have any other transport"" or "i have not other transport and if ill use bus that means i have to be up an hour earlier to get to work" We cant predict if the car breaks down or not. Ok not all of them like that, but if you are being ass about the situation it will make it more difficult for me and the customer
  3. Honestly you are trying to fix customers car and they just ring you every hour to see how everything is going............(it would go well if you wouldnt ring me every hour)! And then they ask why so long? Sometimes i fee like giving car back not fixed and then they would ask, but its not fixed......well you couldnt wait longer so here you are! Do you have customers like that?
  4. @trade vet yes he signed his warranty and he did get a copy of RAC, the reason i remember that because i have send him the copy to his email. It was also written on his invoice that he has 6 month warranty. The question that i have now, whats my rights that i have at this point? Can i reject him, or do i need to give him money back? Because it has almost been a year since he had the car
  5. Hello guys, just wanted to get advice on one issue i have here, basically customer bought Audi S5 from us over 10 month ago and he purchased 6 month warranty with RAC which he specifically requested.Two Month later after he purchased the car there was a problem with Sound System which we said that we will fix as RAC said that they not covering that, we took amplifier down to a specialists fixed it and returned it back to him, no problem. Ten Month now gone from the day of his purchase and i get a call from him saying that he had 12 month warranty with RAC and he rang them and they said that he wasn't even on the warranty which is a lie as ive checked RAC paperwork and rang them if they had history of this customer and they confirmed that he was on the system but his warranty was for 6 month and not 12 month as he stated. Now this customer asking for his money back as he is having trouble with the car. Any advice would be appreciative Thanks
  6. @twerp honestly things improved a lot, since we moved into new showroom, new pictures and we stopped bothering with massive description, people started emailing, calling, just randomly showing up to the showroom. Loads of sales since ive posted here. Thanks all for your help guys!
  7. Ive seen few dealers offering drive away insurance, how does it work? and can somebody recommend a company to use?
  8. Definitely made my day today, just thought ill post it here
  9. Do you guys give courtesy car to the customer when their vehicle that they bought from you is in the garage for repair?
  10. How lazy can you be and not take pictures of your cars that you have for sale and instead just copy some of the photos from the other dealers? Ive posted and took pictures of Peugeot yesterday morning, today just been checking all cars and found this dealer who decided to copy all interior photos what a joke
  11. @twerp that sounds like a plan, what is your number so i can discuss more stuff with you just joking, but thank you all for your responses
  12. @SC Derby they both are estates, around 80k miles got them for £8500 and £9000 still nobody interested @twerp no they dont
  13. Bought x2 skodas over 3 weeks ago now, one auto and one manual both black edition in mint condition, not a single call or viewing since purchase. Skodas hard sell? or it is just my luck? What do you guys think?