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  1. But then keep getting relisted over and over again. There’s a couple of cars I’ve bid on at bca that have been through every sale every day for a week now. I keep bidding up to my max then getting outbid, only for them to be relisted the next day.
  2. Totally agree, it’s a bit like playing the stock market at the min. Over the last couple of years a mixture of lack of used stock on the market, joe public in a lot of cases having more spendable income due to no holidays or socialising etc and companies like BCA artificially inflating cap prices have all kept the prices high. There comes a point where this will come to an end. The worlds opened back up, new vehicles are getting back up to speed and now a lot of people have been pushed closer to the breadline because of rising fuel costs etc. You only need to watch BCA over the last couple of weeks. I’ve snatched a few way under cap and even the stuff that they still seam to be trying to get high prices for just keeps getting re-listed over and over again.
  4. They do pick the best of the bunch for themselves but with the volume of cars going through bca surely they can’t keep everything. Also surely this is only the case with WBAC/UKCGR As other vendors would want their cars to go through the block and not be bought at rock bottom by BCA/Cinch
  5. Heard there’s a big backlog on Kia and Hyundai clutches at the min for some reason. A neighbours clutch went on her i10, she’s in her 80’s and took it back to Hyundai to be told they can’t get the parts for 8 weeks, then she tried a local clutch specialist who said the same.
  6. What area are you? I’ve been watching most of the midland sites today and most has been going up to a grand under Cap. Been the odd one that’s still fetched a high price but still a lot better than it has been recently.
  7. A lot selling for way under cap today. Has the table finally turned?
  8. I think WBAC used to work on half cap average, may have changed now since the markets gone bonkers.
  9. Agreed, not really sure what the hells going on at the min. I’m watching grade 5’s go way over cap then price checking with AT and finding I could go and buy an equivalent retail ready car from another dealer cheaper than I could from BCA. Who is actually making money from these auction cars at the min?
  10. I’ve gone from having a decent January to it dropping off a cliff so far this month. Not an ounce of interest in anything last week.
  11. Yet after a few slightly more sensible weeks at the auctions the prices seam to have gone back through the roof again this week. Someone must be selling somewhere.
  12. They have you by the balls, if you do take them to court and win they close your account and ban you. So it’s either put up with it or be banned from buying from them, they know most dealers need them for convenience.
  13. There’s no come backs on essential check is there? Not worth the paper it’s written on or the £7.50 or whatever it is that we pay for it. Even getting a result with assured report is hard enough.
  14. This is another thing we was thinking the other day aswell…. We watched a grade 3, 09 plate focus, Capping clean at £1375 fetch £2900 at bca last week. With fee’s and prep you’d be looking at probably £3500 providing there’s nothing serious wrong with it. You’d have to retail that at £4000+ to be even worth it. Now the kind of customer buying a car like that is probably going to want to trade in their 06-07 plate Astra/focus? As dealers we’d probably be being generous offering £500 for their p/x depending on condition etc. So it’s then basically going to cost the customer £3500+ to upgrade to a car of similar spec only a couple of years newer and not even to anything desirable. Surely no customer in the right mind is going to do that?