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  1. Yea it is the 3 button circular type key with the blade inside the fob
  2. Anyone had an joy getting replacement R56 Mini key fobs made other than at a main dealer? Customer is complaining spare key doesn’t work/missing chip and Mini are quoting £175+vat for a replacement. Customer is saying everywhere else they’ve tried are saying it’s a dealer only part.
  3. Not sure where your buying from but BCA will still fight you to the end if you try and claim any money back or refuse a vehicle.
  4. I’m guessing the drivers/transporters or the valeters? Every car I seam to pick up lately has had the rear seat bench pulled off where someone’s clearly been looking for loose change.
  5. If only that was true in our case, a friend of mine bought a Civic from BCA a few weeks back. No warning lights on the dash, no faults declared. Paid online, booked the collection and went to pick it up. Car started but was barely running on two cylinders and engine management light flashing, took the keys back to the office and refused to take it. Rang the claims line when he got home and was basically told it was sold as seen and had to be collected, so he bit the bullet and went back for a second time. This time it wouldn’t even start, couldn’t even drive it out the car park so gave up. Rang claims line again and was told the car is sold as a car and that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a runner even though it was showed as running in the pictures. He’s now having to go down the legal route, absolute joke.
  6. If you listen carefully you can actually hear them clicking the mouse bidding it up themselves
  7. Plus points are it’s free... Negative points are everyone that uses it
  8. No, read about a guy who was fined for travelling to view a car from a private seller. The article later wen on to state private vehicle sales are currently banned.
  9. Yes, it’s work you cannot do from home
  10. Civvies are probably still buying, bca seam to be giving anyone a gold card these days.
  11. I thought the 1.9’s were the Fiat JTD engine?
  12. Naming no names but there’s a few dealers around me that have ignored the rules from day one and haven’t stopped trading as usual.
  13. I’m worried you could be right and this is why I refuse to buy overpriced stock at the block at the min. I don’t want to end up in negative equity with a load of stock I can’t shift that I’ve paid to much for. It’s all about playing the game at the min I think, I picked up a load of bargains just after the first lockdown ended and managed to shift most of them for top money when the demand shot up. Still got enough left to tie me over for now.
  14. Makes me wonder if we’re all so quiet who on earth is paying these extortionate auction prices? I haven’t been able to buy for weeks.
  15. I was sceptical at first with online only. I honestly thought auction prices would fall through the floor as nobody would want to buy unseen, but they did quite the opposite. I suppose if we have no other option people are still going to buy weather physical or online. As for the high prices I do still think that’s down to lack of stock. I think once Aiction houses get back to number of cars and choice they had pre COVID the prices will settle.