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  1. I used to hate marketplace but done really well on there recently and it’s free so no harm in trying it. I still use autotrader but agree it’s been slow lately, I think that’s possibly down to their guide pricing being way out at the min. I’m finding their rrp’s are way higher than cars actually for sale which makes mine look expensive. Used to do well on eBay classified some years ago but jacked it in a while ago as I seam to get zero interest on anything I advertise on there anymore
  2. Could also be suspension top mounts. A lot of Peugeots and Citroens suffer with excess wear on them.
  3. Who knows but they’re aiming high. Hoping to compete with Bentley and Porsche.
  4. Jaguar is going through a complete rebrand next year. All current models are being axed and replaced with an all new electric only lineup
  5. Lakeside


    Auction prices through the roof yet Autotrader prices going down? Strange times again.
  6. Be careful believing that bca are only doing it to cover their backside. A friend of mine bought a Corsa a couple of weeks back showing amber on engine running. Picked it up and the bottom end is knocking like mad. Engine scrap. Yet I bought a 208 that was red for clutch slip and turned out to be perfect. It’s just a complete minefield.
  7. It’s another way of keeping Cap prices up. artificially “sell” the car at a higher price numerous times then finally let it actually sell at a lower price will give a higher average.
  8. Seams to vary by site. I’ve recently bought UKCGR stuff from Bristol and Blackbushe which came stuffed with invoices yet Walsall, Measham and Wolverhampton always seam to come with nothing other than a service book. But yes it is to do with GDPR. I heard a story of someone that sold their car to WBAC and the guy there shredded all the paperwork in front of them. Personally I’d say it’s down to lack of information to bca/WBAC staff or staff just being lazy, as in theory only paperwork with previous owners details on should be shredded. Anything else could be kept.
  9. To many of us, myself included, rely to much on bca/manheim which is helping them keep the prices high. We need to realise there’s more ways of gaining stock. Bca don’t care about us buyers they just want your money and it’s got worse since being online only. Even recently I’ve seen cars fetching more at bca than I could of bought them for privately advertised on AT/EBay etc, and I could of viewed those in person and had a test drive.
  10. Apparently it’s because during Covid insurance inspectors were doing damage inspections by phone and not actually seeing the vehicle in person. So basically being overly cautious when pricing repairs meaning more cars were being written off.
  11. But then keep getting relisted over and over again. There’s a couple of cars I’ve bid on at bca that have been through every sale every day for a week now. I keep bidding up to my max then getting outbid, only for them to be relisted the next day.
  12. Totally agree, it’s a bit like playing the stock market at the min. Over the last couple of years a mixture of lack of used stock on the market, joe public in a lot of cases having more spendable income due to no holidays or socialising etc and companies like BCA artificially inflating cap prices have all kept the prices high. There comes a point where this will come to an end. The worlds opened back up, new vehicles are getting back up to speed and now a lot of people have been pushed closer to the breadline because of rising fuel costs etc. You only need to watch BCA over the last couple of weeks. I’ve snatched a few way under cap and even the stuff that they still seam to be trying to get high prices for just keeps getting re-listed over and over again.
  14. They do pick the best of the bunch for themselves but with the volume of cars going through bca surely they can’t keep everything. Also surely this is only the case with WBAC/UKCGR As other vendors would want their cars to go through the block and not be bought at rock bottom by BCA/Cinch
  15. Heard there’s a big backlog on Kia and Hyundai clutches at the min for some reason. A neighbours clutch went on her i10, she’s in her 80’s and took it back to Hyundai to be told they can’t get the parts for 8 weeks, then she tried a local clutch specialist who said the same.