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  1. There’s no come backs on essential check is there? Not worth the paper it’s written on or the £7.50 or whatever it is that we pay for it. Even getting a result with assured report is hard enough.
  2. This is my point, a clutch won’t cost them £3500
  3. This is another thing we was thinking the other day aswell…. We watched a grade 3, 09 plate focus, Capping clean at £1375 fetch £2900 at bca last week. With fee’s and prep you’d be looking at probably £3500 providing there’s nothing serious wrong with it. You’d have to retail that at £4000+ to be even worth it. Now the kind of customer buying a car like that is probably going to want to trade in their 06-07 plate Astra/focus? As dealers we’d probably be being generous offering £500 for their p/x depending on condition etc. So it’s then basically going to cost the customer £3500+ to upgrade to a car of similar spec only a couple of years newer and not even to anything desirable. Surely no customer in the right mind is going to do that?
  4. It’s got to crash at some point, there’s going to come a time when joe public are simply going to find it cheaper to keep their current car running than pay these stupidly inflated prices of recent times. As already said it’s only due to supply and demand at the min, no other reason. As soon as new car production it back up to speed and new sales are back up used stock will be fed back onto the market and the prices will come down. This is why I’m being very careful with what I buy at the min. It’s feels very much like dealing with stocks and shares.
  5. The crazy thing is the resale prices don’t seam to be rising as quick as auction prices are? Looking on AT and eBay even dealers, not just privates, are selling cars cheaper or equal to what they’re fetching under the hammer.
  6. They’re not stocking enough because there’s not enough stock out there. backlog of new car builds=less p/x’s and lease companies holding onto cars for longer. higher priced used cars means joe public deciding to keep hold of what they have and not trading it in or selling to WBAC etc no p/x’s or ex lease cars means nothing trickling into the auctions. supply and demand at auction with a short supply of stock means prices rise. It’s a vicious circle I watched a grade 5, 114k mile, 2014 mondeo with a poor assured report (eml on in limp mode with blocked dpf and turbo related fault codes) fetch £100 over cap clean today. Things are getting silly.
  7. Agreed, I only bid on a car if I want it. The only time’s I’ve ever wanted to back out was after I’ve collected it and realised it’s a lemon, but obviously to late by that point!
  8. Correct, they don’t adjust them for total loss cars either.
  9. BCA make it obvious, if you turn your speakers up you can blatantly hear the auctioneer clicking the bids up with his mouse but as already said what can we do? They're definitely using their own stock (UKCGR, Cazoo etc) to price the market aswell as on quiet days they’re own stock always seams to fetch more than other vendors.
  10. Kind of how auctions get away with it I guess? Selling on behalf of the vendor, just a middle man between the two.
  11. Does anyone know if bca will deliver to a bca centre closer to you rather than your address? Only reason I ask is I’m often not on site and I don’t want a delivery guy randomly turning up when I’m not there as I’ve heard they don’t give you any notice?
  12. Could be due to the huge backlog of driving tests? Not many youngsters passing at the min.
  13. £2k-£10k around 15 in stock. It’s only part of my business though so luckily I don’t need to rely on it.
  14. Possibly regional? but I’m already seeing it slowing and becoming a race to the bottom. I reduced a bit of my stock last week due to lack of interest, making some of them cheapest in the country. Checked again today and noticed a couple of dealers I undercut last week have now dropped the prices on their equivalent cars to be cheaper than mine. Ive still not sold anything and speaking to a few local dealers they’re suffering the same.
  15. Not sold anything in nearly 2 weeks with a stock of 15 cars. Phones barely rang either. Anyone else noticed an influx in people asking for delivery all over the country since the likes of Cazoo and Cinch have joined the market?