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  1. To be honest, our launch is good enough. We have used our KTS on pass thru to VIDA and aside from software updates.... the launch does everything that VIDA offers.
  2. Supposedly recon exchange engines from ford are £900 + vat?
  3. Aah... ok. Most of the COC departments are currently working from home and none of the manufacturers are issuing them. They might be able to email one sooner?
  4. For an ex MOD 5 series by any chance?
  5. Take the sensor out..... plug the exhaust at the back with a potato..... and rev it until it blows out of the pipe On a more serious note, any of these (renault/merc/nissan 1.5 dci/ Volvo D4VEA) with the turbo back pressure sensor on that consists of a small squiggly pipe, we remove the sensor and rev it up during a service to prevent blocking. You get a lovely cloud of soot out of them everytime!
  6. From SMA Birtley (Now Wilsons) .... the auctioneer (little man from Leeds) announced "Ive been talking to the lady that used to own this car, and i can confirm that she likes a bit of leather on her arse!"
  7. Software update used to fix every one we had problems with. Never had to do a lock on any.
  8. Well this is a massive mess to be honest. The track and trace team will be in contact from what i can make out. If they haven't corresponded with your man/ mans partner... they dont need to isolate is what i make of it. (However its probably spreading faster than they can keep up with) If his partner has tested positive, she will have proof of this surely.
  9. Is your Job Title Sales Prevention Officer?
  10. We have just got the Launch EuroTAB 2. to replace the Launch X431 Pro4. I personally like the Launch stuff - you get great support from them too if required. Everyone local to us always comes to see us when their Snap on - etc doesn't work - the Launch never lets us down.
  11. Try giving it a helping hand first, by pushing the glass at the same time as opening it. The mechanism for the panoramic part is external from the car and any lubrication that should be there gets washed away. There is a special lubricant from Merc for the pan roofs - part number A0009893660, feels like baby lotion to me
  12. I remember one business local to us, their scam was getting friends and family to buy them at the docks for pittance and then selling them to the garage for more money avoiding the old vodka and tonic on the margin.
  13. Anyone got a few PHEV outlanders in stock? They were doing good money until yesterday.