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  1. Apparently there was a fight at the Geordie Manheim this week
  2. That is not an engine knock More like a idle control valve or switch that raises the RPM for steering / AC
  3. I think the truth lies somewhere inbetween. Just for example, 4000sq ft £1200 per month - come on ! You can't get 800ft outside of Birmingham for that
  4. Makes me tempted to move to a cheaper part of the country for more space for the £££s
  5. This is with 2017+ cars !
  6. Only 1 call in 10 days for a viewing that later cancelled? Is it just me ?
  7. Thankyou, most unusual that your website offers only £189 !
  8. Who's offering that much ? scrapcarnetwork only offering £270 on a 2004 Fiesta here
  9. Absolute nightmare this weekend trying to buy off private Agreed prices (and even left deposits) with multiple individuals who only refused to proceed / 'changed their mind' / got a better offer Others completely refusing to negotiate from their retail prices. Just had another one tell me he will not sell to trade and he's had a better offer from WBAC - which he clearly hasn't Full moon ??
  10. @Huggins That's strange because it usually identifies cars on old / new private plates too
  11. Now works
  12. Yep, perfect for seeing when it was last for sale, what options / service history I have even made use of the photos
  13. Cazana have since yesterday removed the function to view old adverts Does anyone know where else I could find such data? Regards
  14. Yep, but none have done +35% in a year 7.5R with Santiagos / Roof / Leather still making great money mind
  15. Not really now is it...
  16. VW 20k intervals still a thing ?!
  17. He's trading AIM shares full time according to his Twitter.
  18. Exactly, his facebook page had such a following he only had to take a picture of a car and it sold ASAP before listing on AT. Seems they had enough momentum in the performance car market that his magic worked on other manufacturers too. I don't get it..
  19. As per title, COVID as an excuse doesn't seem plausible given car sales boomed over the period. It was a nice business model rotating cars amongst enthusiast members and never seemed to struggle to move its stock. Just doesn't make sense ?
  20. Share price based on revenue multiple. Revenue from the auctions is from buyer fees / sales commission. Revenue from Cinch sales would count the the sale prices of cars as revenue, therefore much greater than standalone auctions = £££££££s Doesn't even have to be that profitable for the first few years
  21. Thankyou all, was really just wondering if anyone could confirm such a low rate. Seems mad to me
  22. Hello, just wondering about how available were stocking loans made to relatively new traders in the past few years. I heard about traders getting 500k at 2% which would explain a lot. What would have been the conditions or requirements ? Cheers
  23. Does that include the wet box in the old shape Mondeos / S-Max / Galaxy ? Cheers