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  1. Agree I had one last year 2011 auto only 25k 1 owner 1.6 diesel in stock for 6 months was the cheapest car 100 mile radius and nothing.... eventually sold it to a 25 year old on finance and took his 2003 bmw 330d msport in px
  2. Cheers.. Ive been advised to get a gopro camera with a hand grip to eliminate video shake and better video quality compared to mobile... just want to see what other people are doing?
  3. We recently had An Auris in stock for 190 days 2008 1.4 petrol 5 door 70k in red only had 2 calls on it eventually sold it to a walk on with finance . Hyundai i30 are the same only sell over the net if they dirt cheap...
  4. Hi Happy New Year all .... I'm looking at adding videos to our adverts and I know some on here have mastered the art so wanted to ask 1) what camera are you guys using? Ive tried with a my mobile but trying to keep a steady hand is an art in its self. 2) What program do you use to edit the videos to have the music in the back ground? Sorry if this has already been asked before.
  5. Put them on Gumtree as Part Ex to clear they should sell within 48 hours.... at the right price mind. This week ive sold 3 pxs on gumtree all within 48 hours of being advertised.. 52 reg Corsa sxi 150k and obvious oil leak 6 days mot £220 51 Focus 2.0 ghia saloon 3 days mot £175 54 Avensis 2.0d 190k No Mot £340 (over 30 calls and lost count of best price bro messages) Trade sale invoice them make it clear its sold as seen no warranty and only for spares/repairs.
  6. Yes thats right. I did have a provesional bid on another vehicle which I bought and the Peugeot didn't even show as a provisional bid. It's a 2011 Peugeot 3008 eHdi Auto with 48k Grade 4, with esp light on hence why I'm abit reluctant to buy it now.
  7. Already tried they adamant I have to buy it
  8. Hi Chaps Bidding on a Peugeot 3008 yesterday in bca and thought it was mine at £4000 the chap on the rostrum even took my company name anyway when I went to pay for the cars purchased the Peugeot didn't show as purchased or provisional on my account. When I checked on my online account last night it still didn't show so I thought It wasn't sold to me as it capped £4200 below. So this afternoon Ive had calls from bca saying it was their mistake as they had invoiced it to another company with a similar name and that the hammer price was £4100... the problem I have is I'm fully stocked now and I don't really want the car. Can I reject the car or do I have to buy???
  9. I was more interested in the appraisal value in Icontrol as it gives vehicle desirability and market turn
  10. Anyone have any experience with AT's IControl or Retail Check?? I've tried it in the past and was abit of a hit/miss... Any thoughts appreciated...
  11. Cheers Rory It all went quite mid June at the same time our website changed over to AA cars hence why I was convinced it has something to do with the switch over. The AT rep has been in and tried up selling Icontrol. My performance has increased month on month since Feb but it dipped to an all time low in June and even lower in July. My forecourt turn around was at 75% which according to the AT Rep was good.
  12. Still have the same package with AT
  13. Hi Chaps Newbie Here and I need some advice,... I've been trading for 18 months from a small forecourt selling average bread & butter stock(form about 2k to10k). Originally I was Sharing the forecourt with someone else and splitting the costs. As of Feb this year I bought the other person out and signed a new lease. Currently stocking about 16 cars and all was going well, Turnover has increased every month and selling about 12 cars a month. As of June I decided to drop the autotrader website and Icontrol as (1) I wasn't getting support with the website (2) to reduce cost of Icontrol, and decided to go with AA cars who offer a free website and 12 months AA breakdown cover with every car. Now since the move my inquiries have dropped off, my advert views on AT are very low, in July I sold 5 cars and 2 so far this month. I know its a quite time but I'm convinced the move to AA cars has had a negative effect... Any Help or advice will be much appreciated.