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  1. They are just being awkward unfortunately,we address an issue and they then try and find another, they are hell bent on wanting their money back. I was half tempted to give them their money back as I cant be bothered with the hassle, however after seeing the car it prompted me to ask about where we would stand in terms of a vehicle being rejected when it has been bashed and bruised and stinks of dog.
  2. A customer has had the vehicle just under 3 month and has decided they want to return it for a refund, reason given is that there is an intermittent fault causing the ABS light to come on. They brought the car to the garage today and as it was in the workshop I had a look at it, since owning it they have scuffed down one side, smashed the corner of the front bumper and the car stinks of cat/dog. Whilst I'm happy to carry out any repairs where would I stand in this if they did insist on a refund?
  3. Thanks for all of the replies, warranty is with warranty 2000. I think that the analogy similar to an estate agent is a good one, but I guess different rules apply.
  4. Hi, yes they would be happy if I paid them after I sold it for them. My concern is could I then still add warranty etc and would comeback still be on myself?
  5. The appeal is I don't have to pay for the item until it sells, appreciate I can MOT it but can I put a warranty and offer finance or would I need to have ownership first. note all the cautions and may not progress but looked like a good proposition
  6. I was to be clear with the buyer the sale was on behalf of a customer, but wasn't sure how it would work out in terms of finance and liability
  7. I am to sell a car on behalf of a third party, I've been stung before so want to ensure things are done right. I want to add a warranty, service, MOT and provide finance. Can I do this without owning the vehicle ourselves?
  8. Thanks for the advice, yes I think I will need to put this one down to experience. I think even if I had told them it was sold on someone else's behalf I tripped myself up as offered a full warranty and took payment via bank transfer into our business account.
  9. How should I do this in the future to protect me?
  10. Thanks for the comments, looks like I'll need to cover the repair bill, I wonder how I stand if the customer decides they want their money back, it's past the 30 days so not a big concern but would I need to stand the cost also. if I was to act as an agent and sell on behalf of someone what would I need to do to protect myself? Advertise as being for sale for someone else and get them to pay them direct?
  11. Thanks for the quick responses, could it not be argued I acted as agent? Should I have made it clear in the advert and got them to pay her directly and me to invoice for a commission?
  12. I've been in the trade a year or so and was asked if we would sell a Honda Civic for a customer. we agreed and I advertised the car with a warranty etc, I didn't advertise as selling on behalf of someone else. The car sold and as such I then effectively purchased the car from the seller and sold it on. The new buyer now has found issues, who should pay to rectify, myself or should I go back to her as it was her car I was selling? I could argue I was agent but I guess I should have advertised it was being sold on behalf of her.. It's not an expensive vehicle £9,000 but the repair could be a few hundred pounds and I didn't make that out of the deal.