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  1. Listen Phil, stop giving it the big un like you've cracked the game.. your selling 12 year old £1500 Renaults..and absolute rust buckets by the sound of it as well seeing as you've got that court appearance. If someone doesn't know every in and out of a business, is your advice not to waste your time with it? If that was the case no one would have a job you gimp.. I'm guessing you just fell out of your mums flaps with an immediate knowledge of all things cars and business?
  2. Probably a better idea than trying to sell a boat in Runcorn.. you expecting someone to take that down the ship canal?? as my mate the trade vet has mentioned AMC who I got my cars off, it's been done and it'll be done again.. someone to take a look outside the box and remove as much risk as possible. The sort of risks where you try and sell boats in Runcorn ha
  3. My lucks in then, happy days! And people were saying no one makes any money.. you guysss!! I knew someone would produce from this forum well worth the visit!
  4. Pointless comment really, you've just repeated what I said a couple of posts back... would be interesting to hear how you would go about making such hard work out of it all?
  5. Your right Frankie, tuesdays when I pop in and see how my builder is getting on with the project. Then usually head down the high street for a coffee and a mooch...
  6. How long were you in the trade of you don't mind me asking trade vet? How much on average would a broker make per car sold? If you don't mind me asking Mat, would you say you had high ambitions as a dealer where you wanted to push your career to the limit which would mean dealing in strenuous situations like dealing with brokers to get that one extra sale a month, or did you want as little hassle as possible and just get the pay cheque at the end of the month? I would try and find someone along the lines of the first example..
  7. If you've got the capital it's pretty straight forward.. I've never touched a paint brush And yet cars are still sat on the forecourt.. I'm sure they wouldn't mind someone else pushing there cars to no extra cost to them. And the margins aren't that tight where they wouldn't give you a few hundred quid off
  8. So your saying dealers don't have margin for negotiation which can then be used as my profit when sold on at the forecourt price or less.
  9. I did think this forum would be different to pistonheads etc and get real people who are in the trade to identify with where I am now to where you once were. Let's not have such defeatist attitudes and continually laugh and smirk at someone who wants to have a crack at something. There are people who make good money from this, who started from the same spot im in. If I thought it was going to be a free ride I wouldn't of signed up to this forum looking for advice. If I was a bum I wouldn't be in the position at 33 to quit my job, invest in property and have the opportunity to move into something I enjoy.. so if anyone is willing to say 'look it is hard work, this is what you have to do to get going the rest is upto you' then perfect. To be more specific I would want to avoid trade plates etc as from my experience once I get a buyer signed to buy a car, the dealer then delivers and still takes responsibility for the car if anything goes wrong. It does sound to good to be true I know but this is how the process went when I bought through a broker. And they seemed pretty well off from this arrangement as well. If you know how this works I'd be very interested to know. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, Any help, advice or opinion would b much appreciated. I have recently brought my previous career to an end, and have moved into small scale property development. With this comes long voids of no income and I feel something alongside this would be beneficial both financially and also something else to keep me busy. I would be interested in the brokering of cars on a small scale, individual cars for buyers. Building a network with dealerships, finding the dealership offering the best deals at any given time and then advertising through social media/website. Would I need to be approved by any regulators or need any licences etc? Is this something dealers welcome, a random knocking on their door, saying give me your price list I'll sell some cars for you.. When a car was sold would the dealership write me a cheque for the difference between their sale price and the price I sold to the customer? it would be great to hear from people who are involved in this process and to hear your thoughts. Thanks