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  1. Mine are kept in an empty tub. Wilko 50 Wild Bird Fat Balls if you’re interested.
  2. Too many punters sat all day looking at cars they can afford, but when they realise they’re shite they then start looking at more expensive cars. It doesn’t matter if their real budget is £800 or £8000, they start looking at ones 25-50% more expensive & convince themselves they can own it.
  3. What can I say gents? In all my years of having them I’ve only ever been pulled once & that was about a decade ago whilst filling with petrol at the local petrol station less than a mile away. With current police staffing & crime levels I don’t think pulling insured cars with plates in the window even registers on the scale of ‘worth a pull’.
  4. Fling the trade plates in the window & use the car to your hearts content.
  5. F*** off! I don’t believe you!!
  6. It must of been the old Mk1 Berlingo, it certainly can’t be the Mk2!
  7. I’ve never had a problem. When I receive the renewal, I send the cheque & completed form to the DVLA and then 2-3 weeks later the confirmation comes through. I find paying my bills promptly & completing forms legibly helps.
  8. The old laws of supply & demand took over instead.
  9. Isn’t it always the same when you discount an ornament that you’re sick of dusting off? Unfortunately bottom money attracts the greedy crowd.
  10. This is similar to the answers those punters give when I ask “What do you value your car as a p/x?”. A) Well, errrr, ummm, when I bought it I paid £xxxx. b) They are on the Internet at £xxxx. This sort of punter usually have their answer already cued-up ready for an immediate response with a full-on London retail price for a car with full MOT, full dealer facilities & half the mileage. This is often the same punter who when comparing your price happily quotes prices for a 3 year older heap of shit with an extra 40K on the clock that’s also on the VCAR.
  11. Someone who can’t understand basic mathematics is probably well advised to employ a bookkeeper.
  12. I’m in this camp for the reason you state as many have absolutely no comprehension of the difference between Net & Gross. If I made nowt on the car I don’t want it back for obvious reasons & if I had a couple of grand wiped across it I find kicking them in the nuts a few months later isn’t welcome. Tbh I’d rather someone else did the kicking
  13. I bet that’s not the reason at the moment Apart from that you’ll be absolutely correct. I’d bet this has got sweet f.a. to do with folding mirrors.
  14. As a business you’re actually prepared to give written advice to customers stating they are ok to travel?
  15. Who knows? The DSRs are like the Lockdown rules aren’t they - open to interpretation. I’d of thought a distance sale is simply someone who pays from afar & has it delivered but that’d be too simple. Do everything by phone & just tell them to visit when they’re cashed-up & ready to deal. Whether or not they’re travelling essentially is up to them, not me. The f***ing supermarkets are packed to the gunwhales with Joe Public bouncing into each other so I won’t be sweating it out over the regulations about a couple of punters per week visiting to me to view in the open air stood metres away from me. I guess there must be loads making a success of click & collect sales, probably with newish cars, but on my ‘oldies but goldies’ I have no intention of finding out.
  16. So after 3 days they verbally confirmed their intention to reject but still want to keep it for the fortnight? Other than roll up outside their house with a transporter & try to bluff them into a return, due to the relatively short timescale there isn’t much you can do other than sit it out. You never know, you might be lucky & suddenly realise they like the car. Sometimes it’s just easier to move on with your life but I do understand a distance sale refund is due something like 14 days after the product is returned? If you feel the car has been well used you may wish to crawl all over the car with a fine toothed comb & rack up the biggest deduction imaginable. To me this sounds like you’ve just been unfortunate with the customer.
  17. Can you honestly blame them after the pisspoor weak & indecisive governance we’ve all received? 9 months of clutching at straws but politically too frightened to take a strong line. Only a couple of days ago the Tiers were adjusted again then just half an hour ago we were told it’s lockdown time again, which I assume(?) renders the Tiers obsolete. It’s just a regular stream of mixed messages. Apart from seeing tonight’s prime minister’s briefing I’m afraid I’ve stopped taking much notice.
  18. Isn’t it tax year to tax year (6th April - 5th April)? Tbh surely it’s academic to most cos unless you’re spreading it around every family member how on earth can you keep below?
  19. It’s not the VAT man sweating it out at the MOT station, or dealing with dickhead painters high on thinners, or stranded at the side of the motorway on a winter’s night driving back from the block when an engine suddenly lets go. Apart from that he’s welcome to his 20%