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  1. I love the banger PX’s, easy money. Just video them with a brutally honest description as trade disposal, no warranty implied or given. The first customer who calls pays the deposit and confirms their understanding gets it.. Use a Lawgistics “unroadworthy invoice” for them to sign on collection and reiterate the above.
  2. Ok, I appreciate your stance. Best of luck
  3. Leave and then attempt to sue them for the failure of your business.... That's your argument Its ridiculous You are a business, you make your own fortune.
  4. This just shows how new you are, you have to adapt to the market, you can't control how business changes. Adapt or fail. THIS is the most honest answer you'll get.
  5. Why fight the hand that feeds you. As soon as they find out what you are trying to do you’ll be banned. If you don’t like it then hand your notice in.
  6. For a start you won't be able to speak to TS...... This is an interesting question, I see your perspective....
  7. Becky, AT don't consider us to be their customers, we are their bitches and are being used in their ultimate plan to control and manipulate the use car market. They are controlling our profit. The only way to stop them is not use them....
  8. With respect, what do you think a judge would say........ If you don't like how the adverting medium you use has changed their focus, simply use another...... You would then lose and have to pay ALL of their costs.... Its a ridiculous idea.....
  9. Seriously..... It would be thrown out, if AT want price indicators that's their prerogative. If you don't like it stop advertising with them. No offence intended
  10. Fiat 500's and Mini's are on my do not buy list..... They are bought by shallow penniless billies, its feb they've just got their Xmas CC bill through the door.... You are brave man solely stocky handbag cars...
  11. Hi, please introduce yourself and explain your case, what happened etc. You will get a lot of sound advice from very experienced guys here..... AD
  12. Its feast or famine, always been that way..... I feasted last month, now I'm on a famine......
  13. I'm as much a MOD as you are a positive help and influence.....
  14. WOKE. This forum is a chatroom for wannabees... its an introduction to join the confirmed TRADE forum where there is a wealth of help and support.........
  15. Don’t jump on someone’s post. Introduce yourself properly to this forum if you want help and support.
  16. Welcome. If you've got the confidence and determination to make it happen, you will do, its all in your mind, you have to have the right attitude...I couldn't image anything more boring than being a warehouse manager (no offence). Making money for yourself is a mindset and its hard work, but its worth every penny .. How much cash do you have to invest in the business ?
  17. Really,....... every car I drive I can't get above 20mpg... I wonder why that is ?
  18. Wrong, you use advertising mediums to direct your customers to your website. Your website is your platform to sell YOU and YOUR business.