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  1. We got 6k for it and it had 80k miles.
  2. We had a 58 plate 3 door 118d M sport in white a few weeks ago and sold it in 3 days, and to be fair could of sold it 10 times over.
  3. I wish I could deal with polish buyers all day long, by far the easiest customers to deal with.
  4. We haven't had any joy with ebay, tried everything from 2k -12k cars advertised as classified ads. It might be cheap compared to A/T but return on investment has been terrible for us.
  5. Manheim Haydock this evening . It was a white Cooper D 23k ex Arnold Clarke contract hire.
  6. Just returned from Mannheim empty handed again! 2011 Mini Cooper d cab, cap clean £5700 sold for £6800 plus fees ????
  7. Grant we are finding audis/Mercedes a lot easier to move than the more run of the mill cars at the minute, and we are trading from home.
  8. I disagree i dont think it is unusual to stock 1 or 2 more expensive cars however you need to know they are the right cars. Twerp all premium plus come with pan roof, upgraded stereo, memory seats etc as standard. Grant you should be ok with this if you keep it around 22k
  9. My local Manheim is the same grade 4/5 cars going through above cap avg but not being sold, in some cases for 3 or 4 weeks on the bounce . There has been some real shite of late maybe 1 or 2 cars in the whole auction worth buying.
  10. Bcc how are you getting such results from Facebook if you don't mind me asking , we are advertising on there both on our own page as well as on all the local buy and sell groups . Are we missing something?
  11. Thanks Arfur that's exactly the insight I was hoping for.
  12. Thanks for all the advice , our stock is predominately between 3-7 years old ranging in price from £2500-£12000. I understand that what works for one person doesn't always work for another but what percentage of leads come from AT compared to other sources? As some have said it's all about ROI rather than the actual monthly costs.
  13. I'm not moaning at all , I was just wondering how others have found AT and what percentage of sales/leads came through AT that's all. I also deal with amazon now their fees are worth moaning about !!!
  14. It is more than I was hoping for to be honest , but the way they put it is "we know it works so that's why we can charge that amount and don't need to offer incentives unlike others" . £670 per month is a lot for a start up business to swallow but as you know we wont be in business long unless we sell cars consistently.