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  1. I had a 2008 Q7 for 5 years... very reliable! In that time, nothing at all went wrong!!! I used it for transporting too! Towing all over the country, often with a Range Rover sport on the back on the trailer and it towed like a dream! My mother has had every generation disco and I have driven all. I find the Q7 a much better car! My q7 was also used as the school bus! I seriously can’t praise them enough!
  2. I have never lost money on a mini.. sold around 10 Cooper S Over the last 12 months. Have had a few come back with faults, only 1 major fault which was cam chain. (Still decent profit after getting it done) i am actually tempted in becoming a mini specialist! I love them.
  3. Meriva is only up for £2495! Every retail value I have seen puts them around £3500! Trade in value is £1800!!! Inwas quiet for a few months.. only just breaking even! I decided to give it up and go it alone... but it seems like the used car trade is just on its arse at the moment! Plenty of people looking, but nobody actually buying anything
  4. Never been this dead!!! So bad I had to give up my pitch and start selling from home again!! I haven’t sold anything at all!!!! 6 Cars in stock.. and they are cheap!!! One is a 2010 mariva 1.4 active in grey/blue.. only 40k on the clock and £1000 less than retail! Had a few people look at it and decide it’s not for them 2006 Range Rover sport... black with black leather! Only £7500... no bites this is a cat d but a nice car and full service history! Then I have a 2007 Cooper S! Low miles and up at £4995.. had thousands of views on autotrader, Facebook and eBay, but no takers whats up with the trade at the moment? Why is nobody buying?
  5. anyone else notice i higher than normal number of junk cars in the smaller auctions these days? I have had 4 cars in 4 weeks with either knackard engines, knackard gearboxes or something else seriously wrong mechanically! I currently have 1 back at auction now that i am trying to get gone Also... the auction house taking an eternity to pay me for sold cars! been waiting 3 weeks for payment on 5 cars now not helping my cashflow at all!
  6. just downloaded! awsome app! im going to find this very usefull.
  7. as expected, i got a phone call this morning saying "GET REAL!!! but we do like a chancer!" lol... even offered me the oportunity to put a bid on it! i was like "Naaah, im ok.. a little too expensive for me" i wasnt going to argue with them or stand my ground. would have been nice though
  8. I would actually take payment in stamps for anything right now!!! Lol
  9. I need to go there to pick up another car anyway.. problem is, I only have enough for the 1!! Haha.. so IF I do get the ultra cheap one, I will get that 1st and flip it quick to another local dealer! Then get the other one! Then use my 9grand profit to buy a few more
  10. So today, browsing through the buy now cars.. I see a 14plate car which books at £10500. With a buy now price of £1000! i thought "too good to be true" and clicked buy now!! What are the chances they aren't going to honour the sale? Or will they just cancel it?
  11. well, i have found a company called "lawgistics" they seem pretty well on the money! i think i might start using them! But.. i am starting on a new tactic right now, that will have to be the insured route! i am selling a couple of my cars with 12 month warranty and a couple with 15 months! just to try and get things moving again! once i get back to where i want to be, i will be buying a warranty book pack from lawgistics and i will be running my own warranties! i will have to build up my bank balance in my business savings account 1st though.
  12. trouble is for me.. i am not FCA registered yet, so zuto is my only option or get another dealer to put finance through for me. Had another interested yesterday in a cooper S i got on here. just need them to get info over to me! i hope it sells! I have decided on a new tactic! i have put my prices back up to a decent level and i am now offering increased warranty terms on them!