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  1. LIKE. Plodding along over here, not great, but seen a lot worse in recent times, so I'll take it
  2. I'm local and always drive, if anyone goes, drop me a pm and I'll collect you from the station in the morning if I'm there the same day. Rish
  3. Not that I've been able to find recently, bought 30% less than usual in recent months
  4. Any sort of Ford Ranger Wildtrak that's been beaten to death by the first lease owner. And transporter highlines with any colour apart from white. If I had a pipeline of these at the right money I could retire at 40
  5. How far north east to London?
  6. What about asphalt planings? We had it done at our storage yard, paid about £50 a ton. Keeps it looking relatively clean, isn't an arse ache when it rains and as above, its cheap
  7. Blondes with big.... Sorry, read the thread title and got ahead of myself there.
  8. I have to say BHM, your posts are single handedly what I look forward to reading the most!
  9. I'm sure PayPal has some 3% commission and then some ridiculous 45 day clawback for customers who feel they're hard done by. Can you imagine the comebacks?
  10. At 20 mate, you won't even get trade insurance for a new business, let alone PL or road risk. You are young but gain experience at an indy, selling/appraising/buying/prepping; it'll stand you in good stead to run your own shop. And in that time, you may realise that you're happier just working for someone rather than going out on your own. Hope this helps and don't want to put a dampener on your plans, just my tuppence. Rish
  11. Good luck young sir, unit looks good! Rish
  12. I love the new R's, proper boy racers cars but one of the best cars I've ever driven
  13. If you don't want it, I'd have it!
  14. I VW or 1 VW? I've seen the car if it's the latter, rudeboy blue R32, before that a GTD. Driven by one of the top brass at Inchcape probably. How the other half live eh?