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    I think ironically its your ceiling that is actually our floor, based on the fact you sell cars at private prices and we sell at retail.
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    So much truth in this! Parenting ability or lack thereof has a lot to answer for in todays society. Always someone else's fault though......
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    Anyone who has spent enough time in auction houses will know the extra tomato ordered at the counter is a blag and often ends up in the bin outside the cafe. sorry slighly off topic the extra tomato threw me, to answer the op you will never match a main dealer price and there margin isnt as big as some would think it is. It has nothing to do with adding services, people whom like to buy from main dealers used section are buying a lifestyle choice no more no less.
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    Because you should have known the answer to your own question really . Private ; un loved filthy cars , scratches on paint , stained seats , missing bits , bald tyre , wheel scuffs , missing key , short MOT , needs Service , and fumigating . How do i know this , because we get PX cars from privates and i haven't seen a good one in ten years . Dealer ; Polished , prepped inside , seats carpets cleaned , Mats replaced , Serviced , Wheel scrapes repaired , warranted , New MOT , two keys , No obnoxious smells . This Asif is called a JOB and done correctly it provides a great service supplying cars that people can buy and enjoy owning . So moral of this is . Private is a risk and unless your good at mechanics , deep cleaning cars , and traveling the country looking at scrap sold by liars , USE a garage instead . Now that's not cocky is it , just true
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    Maybe because this forum is for car dealers and not for any tom and his dog. As if you didn't know
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    Yes, people will. But thats because its far from "The Exact Same." The extra processes that dealers put the cars through is the added value, as are the services that you can offer, that a private buyer does not and cannot.
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    No, it’s all a myth this dealership malarkey and all we ever do is polish cars and swap them around between ourselves