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    Do people actually pay thousands more to buy the exact same car from a dealer rather than a private seller?
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    Trading illegally surely not! Asif is clearly a good citizen paying the vat on his margins and declaring his income to HMRC and paying the tax due on said income. Doing the right thing to contribute to repaying the tax payer coffers that have helped our society thus far through the pandemic, and I am sure as a responsible trader he is selling his car on fully serviced with full mot and at least six months warranty.
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    Its health and safety at fault . Fences round this , Signs up for that , Don't walk here or there , Cant climb trees , Cant climb ladders , Cant pick weights up , Must wear hard hats , Put gloves on , Ear defenders on for hoovering the lounge and a thousand rules that we grew up without So all these PC restrictions save the lives of all the idiots and brainless wallies that would otherwise of perished years ago aged 16 ish wandering about aimlessly in life getting squashed and falling off cliffs etc . These people have now had kids , this is the problem as these kids were born stupid , been bought up stupid , and are among us in society breathing oxygen and getting confused about all sorts of things we knew about years ago growing up , Health and safety is at fault i tell you , its allowed fools to breed , we are now feeling the effect .
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    If you're making that sort of margin after tax and VAT you are doing well and don't need to change anything. Because thats what a proper, reputable dealer does...... 12 hours ago, Asif32_@outlook.com said: So I have now sold a few cars making £1,000 to £1,500 profit per sale I sold them all at private seller prices. I was not able to achieve dealer prices even though i wait 3 months for a sale. Which services do I need to add before becoming an official trader and securing a whole extra grand per sale? I can add warranty from warranty wise and do 30 day returns only for major issues. I cant offer finance just yet but its not been an issue as plenty people have brought cars from me for £10K cash. By just adding these services I should be able to get an extra £1,000 to £2,000 profit per sale? Really? If you are making those margins after paying VAT and tax like a proper, reputable dealer does, you are doing well and have nothing to worry about.