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    There a doddle to change mind only two star bolts one electrical connector and a air pipe honestly ten min job with a my first tool kit.
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    Because you should have known the answer to your own question really . Private ; un loved filthy cars , scratches on paint , stained seats , missing bits , bald tyre , wheel scuffs , missing key , short MOT , needs Service , and fumigating . How do i know this , because we get PX cars from privates and i haven't seen a good one in ten years . Dealer ; Polished , prepped inside , seats carpets cleaned , Mats replaced , Serviced , Wheel scrapes repaired , warranted , New MOT , two keys , No obnoxious smells . This Asif is called a JOB and done correctly it provides a great service supplying cars that people can buy and enjoy owning . So moral of this is . Private is a risk and unless your good at mechanics , deep cleaning cars , and traveling the country looking at scrap sold by liars , USE a garage instead . Now that's not cocky is it , just true
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    thats the little bugger, last one i had made a loud clicking noise when you remove the feed to it the noise went away. yuck did i mention i hate these things.
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    Second for the evap system heard a purge valve make similar noise before. Vile things
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    I would not describe that as knocking or banging. I suspect something switching in/out causing change in load or AFR - A/C, cooling fan or maybe check EVAP system. That doesn't look like coils/plugs or broken valve springs etc. Carefully check vacuum/intake system and any solenoids etc. Check PS also.