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    It’s what some people voted for.
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    Brexit has stuffed getting parts in from Europe. First we voted to leave. The pound tumbled and hasn't recovered since. Then we actually did leave, and along has come the problems with physically getting stuff here, and all the extra tax, duty, customs and haulage costs that have come along with this. The pound still hasn't recovered so its a double whammy really. It's what we voted for I guess - Costing us a small fortune getting some parts that we regularly get in from Europe. Had no choice but to try and pass some of this on. Covid has thankfully masked most of the issues for most regular people. They pay a bit more for things, and don't worry about any of the problems that it causes for businesses that actually try and trade with the biggest trading bloc that we are geographically part of. Last year we could trade parts with 500 million people without issue. Now we can only trade with around 70 million without problems. At least we've taken back control - whatever that means...
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    What? Haven’t your prices gone up this last year? Mine have!
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    I can only assume he is buying at these current sky high figures and can not return profits at these prices. He will have to use his stocking loan quota or will be penalised, so its just a case of turning them over. Seems a pretty bleak scenario. I have stopped buying at the moment as I don't have the confidence that these prices are sustainable. Potential customers are coming off the furlough scheme, thinking about holidays etc and I think the demand will slip slightly. I simply don't want to get caught out with a forecourt of expensive stock. However, if this isn't the case I will run with it, but I wasn't going to be the first to put my prices up.
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    +1, get an accountant that has knowledge of motor trade, don't skimp out on a good accountant!
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    In that case change accountants earlier rather than later save yourself a load of headache and possible surcharges