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    I defer to your greater knowledge of my customer base I learn something every day despite being in the motor trade since I was washing cars at 13 years of age I'm now in late 60's so thank you for your advice. My support of trade Vet's post was to endorse the importance of a good local reputation, solely online is some years away yet . Your council is valued however, I think on balance we shall carry on with our current business model. During this last lockdown as a small independent we sold 150 cars all online and compliant with distance selling rules. Since 5 weeks back we have had excellent footfall onsite and sold plenty of cars thank you, my last three sales onsite were today so I'm as good as those last sales and looking forward to test drives booked by physical and online customers tomorrow and completion of more sales. Thankfully our workshop is busy with loyal and many new recommended customers who are happy to pay for good honest service.
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    I don’t either. Most of them are bullshitting cnuts. +1. On ‘run of the mill’ family hatchback-type stock I often think I’d be better off selling a fucking heap of shit with 4 months MOT, ropey tyres, worn brakes & overdue a service than prepping it & having a higher price. Add a few hundred quid to the price of a Focus & you can kill it stone dead. Funnily enough I’ve just sold a properly prepared DS4 today - the buyers were a really nice couple who appreciated the car. However the many punters who’ve contacted me over the last month have been horrible, bottom-dollar, last price, scum.
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    I noticed this on Friday too, it's such a shame as it was always interesting to look up when cars were last advertised. Sometimes a Google search of the reg number comes up with an old ad but I'll try and find out if there are any other similar sites about.