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    the pitch would be safe with Kier, but he probably wouldn’t have sold any cars so you wouldn’t be able to afford another holiday, Boris on the other hand would have sold most of your stock by promising every customer the world and agreeing to a deal at any cost. He is be the sort of salesman that would leave a trail of destruction in his wake for someone less important to clear up and deal with all that detail. Rock and hard place spring to mind
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    My thoughts exactly.
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    Totally agree, Local reputation really counts and is paramount. We are fortunate to have a base of loyal customers who will never go elsewhere even to save a few quid, they buy from us based on long standing relationships and trust. In particular when they have had a problem with a vehicle and we step up to resolve the issue whatever it takes. No matter how many overproduced flashy ads are on tv or online. A hard earned reputation built on trust over many years through dealing with integrity pays its dividend, pleased to say many of our customers also drag their millennial offspring to ourselves for their first car. Cazwhooever will never get those customers.
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    What a shame, that was so useful. Hope someone knows of another site that offers something similar.