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    Yep, even on an oldie I struggle to get away with a fine arc on the back window. On the windscreen they just make the car look a complete mess.
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    Thank you very much for your kind words @G Dog it was my pleasure to arrange your motor trade insurance and it is great to hear you are happy with everything. Ashley Stevenson UKGlobal Insurance
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    Thanks @Casper - always happy to help where I can.
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    Yeah him and @John Cook - Aston Lark Are good people very helpful
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    I was gonna suggest a hammer and a phone call
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    Get a new windscreen fitted, never get it out 100%, you'll be wasting money and time and getting stressed with it.
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    As panic buying is now a distant memory and we're opening up again on June 1st, I think it might be time to update our lamp post banner promotions!