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    Spot on Sir! You ever though about getting a job in the parliament? - Well said! I think people are adopting the mentality of “its borrowed money” and are taking higher risks, Don’t think they’ve read the T&C’s of the BB loan.
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    Seems a few are getting crazy renewal quotes recently , while we've been struggling they've still had their coin , only be loyal if they're being loyal , I went over to Road Runner / Aston Lark can't fault their service so far hopefully I will feel the same next year , they went out their way to help out .
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    We’ve got a journalist as PM. Anything is possible. car dealers understand the basics of business.....
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    My word is my bond, an MP with scruples like that won't last long
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    Imagine being a private and so stupid to think you are getting a better deal at BCA than just walking into a dealer and buying. My fees are bad enough on platinum the private ones are horrendous. I've never bought more cars privately / trade to trade facebook the amount of money ive saved in fees is unbeliavable. For every ten cars its about £4k its a lot of money saved.
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    I liked the overall jist of your post and it's made me think of a few bits:. - The 50k BBL is very much a self cert affair, what do you turnover and when would you like the money are essentially the qualifying criteria. - While the car auction craziness may end by Aug-Sep the effects of mass redundancies, reduced spending and the inevitable inflation caused from the dishing out of 'stimulus' money haven't been felt yet. So, although we will almost definitely see a CAP price increase now we run the risk later of a massive contraction as demand dries up. Dangerous game to play. - When you attempt to stimulate a market with the kind of hand-outs we've seen (specifically rate relief grants and furlough money) you devalue the currency already in circulation by "printing" more (it's more adding 000's on a computer screen rather than printing). This leads to a rise in the price of goods and services because you need more of the devalued asset to exchange for the thing you want. If you've stimulated a market properly the new "money" will be spent. In the market/ world we're in right now with huge uncertainty (second wave question mark and socio-economic problems globally) I think it's unlikely to see businesses or consumers being frivolous (more a batten down the hatches mentality?). To make matters worse, many who have received this money haven't had it in addition to what they would have had, they've had it in replacement of, so it's been spent in the normal way i.e. all we have is more currency in the system, and the big boys who were allowed to trade earlier than the rest of us or by nature of their business to trade throughout (amazon etc) have likely hoovered up what luxury or recreational spending of that "new money" occurred... and they'll do their best to spend as little as possible of it here!
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    Update: renewing through Premier insurance in Winsford, big thumbs up to Declan & Josh that sorted everything out for me. Would recommend these lot if you’re looking for a decent quote p.s they did better the renewal price I was originally quoted
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    Check mate! - I’ve got one even better 2013 BMW M5 ( came in today) • Alpine White / Red Leather • 50k Miles • MARGINAL CAP CLEAN £15,700 BCA SOLD PRICE £22,000 + FEE’s to be added yet that’s nearly £6.5k over book? Unless a celebrity or royalty had that car, it can’t justify that price!
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    I can beat that audi TT in enfield this morning cap clean £1450 retail £2625 i had a punter for it and was going balls deep at £2200 -----nope i didnt even get my hand up ended up selling for £4700 plus fees
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    JUst had an email back from autotrader, see below Make and Model: BMW 116I SPORT I am writing to confirm that we have been in touch with the insurance company in relation to the above vehicle. The insurance company have confirmed that the total loss category N was entered against the vehicle in error. The insurance data base has now been updated to reflect this and therefore the marker has been successfully removed from our systems. So now all seems to be good
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    only way is to rub them down with 1200 them 2000 then buff with an electric wheel and compound for long term you could then mask up and lacquer the lenses
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    Never know reduced staff these days
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    Tell him the left falange is broken.
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    What does it owe you and what's retail? Is there a halfway house to keep the peace, and you get a little earner out of it?
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    well I'm washing my hands of them