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    Take copies of licence ( Gut feeling - you can't beat that ...most of the time) - Sign a 'Test Drive Declaration ' - Insured for unaccompanied test drive 25_ - customers love going out on their own , but to be honest if I'm not sure I'll go with them. The form makes it official and gets full details inc Tel No , email address , SOI , Etc etc On on Thursday customer test drove a car had been elsewhere before told me how they just handed the keys and said " don't get caught out on cameras' never took his details ... how does that work - I said surely they have your address or tel no - he said they never asked for anything !!! (This is my disclaimer ) Test Drive Disclaimer Date of birth: ……../……./……….. PLEASE PRINT DETAILS: Full Name ___________________________________________________ Address ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Post Code ___________________________________________________ Tel No 's __Home:___________________________________________ Mobile_____________________________________________________________ e-mail address>____________________________________________________ Current Car & Reg. No _____________________________________________________ How do you know about us? ________________________________________ Advert ( if advert which one please)_________________________________ Recommendation _________________________________ Other ______________________________________________________________ I hereby confirm that I have been made aware of the operations of all the controls on the vehicle below. I am further aware that whilst I have this vehicle on a demonstration I am liable for any motoring offences e.g. speeding etc whilst the vehicle is in my custody. I agree to return the vehicle after the test drive.(approx 10/15 Minutes) Should I damage the car out of neglect/carelessness then I shall pay for all repairs/damage etc. I agree to the above terms and declare that I hold a full UK valid licence and have no prosecutions/convictions pending or any special restrictions for driving this vehicle. Signature. I have agreed to sign this form because I am interested in purchasing the above vehicle and wish to appraise it prior to signing an order to purchase it. Test Drive Vehicle Make & Model__________________________________________________ Reg. No __________________________________________________ Date __________________________________________________ Time Out ______________ Return Time________________________ Umesh Samani -Specialist Cars Elder Road - Cobridge-Stoke on Trent.ST6 2BU Tel 01782 822 700